You Can Play The New Walking Dead Starting Today

Just in case you forgot, the 400 Days DLC for season one of Telltale Games’ hit The Walking Dead comes out today. As previously detailed, PSN users get it first, with a staggered rollout onto other platforms. This new trailer makes it seem like the queasy decision-making we all love is back in full effect.


    Do any of the choices made i the previous episodes have any effect in this one at all?

      They do. Telltale has confirmed it. Since it's DLC, rather than a sequel, we can expect those split-second mistakes to continue to unfairly haunt us.

        Hands up everyone who encountered one especially horrifying result then went looking through pages of forums and guides and reversing their decisions in other saves to try and prevent that particular, sudden, surprising, horrifying outcome.

        *raises hand*

        Keep your hands up if you are filled with shame because you haven't finished the last chapter because you're scared. Not scared of zombies... scared of feeling.

        *keeps hand up, looks about nervously*

          The last episode killed me. Video games are not supposed to make you feel like that. NOTHING IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE THAT!

            I had tears of sadness. Each little line of dialogue was more heartbreaking than the last.

            Imagine playing through THE WALKING DEAD and then straight after playing through THE LAST OF US... you'd emerge a hollow shell of your former self...

          My hands remain down ... although I admit to accidentally hitting the wrong button during a pivotal moment, and watching the cutscene play out with mounting horror while the save icon in the bottom right twirled, mocking me.
          I haven't finished it yet, mainly because I'm savouring the emotional neutrality of chasing high scores in Peggle, or mindlessly decimating endless waves of dudes in anonymous shoot-em-ups.

    A few questions:

    Is this free for people on STEAM who bought the entire series to begin with? I paid the 25 bucks straight up front...

    Is this out here in Australia yet, if not approx what time?

    Why do cats always land on their feet?

    Big Al says dogs can't look up, is he full of it?

      As far as I know, it's only free if you bought the game on Telltale's store, otherwise it's about $5 I think.

      Should be out on PSN for us, I'd say any time tonight on PC too.

      I think it's because not landing on your feet can hurt.

      He totally is.

        Unfortunately it's not out yet - I just checked the PSN store, and no dice. Hopefully we won't have to wait until next week's update - I'm pretty sure the update ticked over yesterday. My fingers are crossed, though, I'm not 100% on that.

          Ahh damn, I was just guessing because it was supposed to release in the US on the 2nd, and that usually means the next day here.

    Just did a search on the PS store and nothing came up.

    I actually imported a US copy of The Walking Dead on disc before it came to Australia does anyone know if my save file will play nice with 400 days AU version downloaded from PSN?

    something tells me this DLC will explain the car you find in the second episode (or at least i think it was the second)

      Ummm... that was completely explained in the regular season...

      The person who took Clem was the owner of the car, he was the one that was following you and talking on the Walkie Talkie

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