You Could Briefly Buy And Play Cube World. Very Briefly.

You Could Briefly Buy And Play Cube World. Very Briefly.

Yesterday, a post popped up on voxel-based PC adventureRPG Cube World’s forums. “It’s finally happened, the moment we’ve all been waiting for,” it said, “the game is available [to] play as a Demo and paid Alpha access.”

Sadly, the servers were immediately crushed by the thousands of eager players trying to gain access to the game they’ve been waiting years for. Since then, the shop has been taken down, and developer wollay asked for everyone’s patience in a blog post, in which he said that currently, their main priority is to “fix issues with all buyers so far and make sure they get their game.” The shop, he added, will “remain closed until all issues are resolved”, and, presumably, until they find a way to deal with the extreme demand.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Picroma’s site, and will update this post should there be news.

Cube World: Demo & Alpha out now! [Cube World Forums]
Server Issues [Picroma]


  • From what I’ve seen only VERY specific things are destructible such as boulders, I don’t know if this may just be in the alpha or has to do something with not wanting a landscape full of holes, but I think destructible environment would make it just that much more enjoyable

  • Wow, I had never heard of this game until now. Looks very interesting. It’s very obvious with its style and what to compare it to, but looks to be in a league of its own. Will definately buy this when it becomes available 🙂

  • I was one of the thousands hammering the servers – I managed to get an account created, but was way too late for the shop to still be alive. For now I’ll have to be satisfied with Let’s Plays from the lucky few who did get it.

    Notch, with his million plus twitter followers, said he’s tweet it when the shop was back online – Wollay replied that in that case he better keep it a secret – it would be instantly down again!

  • Yep. Managed to create an account but by then it was too late. Probably for the best. It was close to midnight when it was available and I probably would have been up until God knows when playing it. I can’t afford to take video game-induced sick days haha

  • So hopefully someone more “in the know” with this game could perhaps provide some answers here, but this game looks like almost identical to Minecraft, granted I’ve only seen one video on the game but I still don’t see what sets it apart from said other game and why it’s worth the $22 or so dollars that it costs.

    • Well this has levels and has different items you also cant build. Your just saying it looks identical but it reallt doesnt just because its voxed doesnt make it look like minecraft.

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