You Might Pee Yourself Laughing At This 'Urine-Soaked Comic-Con' Story

Some hard truths about the state of men's restrooms get revealed in this clip from actor/comedian Kumail Nanjiani's appearance on Conan last night. The funnyman — who discusses video games and other geeky stuff on The Indoor Kids podcast — talks about what happens when one of the most sacred dudes' lavatory rules — about where your eyes shouldn't go — gets broken.

It's always terrible when someone next to you at a urinal is talking too loud. But when you think their conversation topic is how you're doing your business, well...


    Hey Guys, Video not available in AUS.

    Here's the video for those of you who actually want to watch it.

    Be nice to watch, but its region locked.

    edit: thanks Palms!

    Last edited 25/07/13 2:50 pm

    It wasn't even at the comic-con! He says it clearly that he was at Barnes and Noble when the "eyes forward, Gary" story happened.

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