You Play This Xbox One Game By 'Mashing To Mastery'

Things aren't looking too hot for Ryse, the Roman Empire action game and Xbox One exclusive slated for later this year. We panned the game after seeing it at E3 this year. And now... well, speaking to GameReactor, Ryse design director PJ Estevez paints a bleak picture of gameplay in Crytek's newest game.

We have this concept we call mashing to mastery. The idea is that anyone can play it and they can mash the buttons and fight, but if you get the right timing you're able to actually master it. Master the reaction you get out of the AI. You worked on the AI, you get them to this executable state and you execute them and we're like: 'Why does it have to stop there?' 'Why do I have to stop and watch this movie play out?' Because we've all played games that have executions and like 30 minutes into them you're like 'Really, I smash this guys head, then I stab then I kick him.' So we're like, well, let's continue the flow, let's make it open up a window and let's give guys who want to spend time learning it more of a reward bonus.

Does "mashing to mastery" sound appealing to you? Because to me it sounds less like a video game and more like a recipe for really good potatoes.


    I'm sure the power of the cloud will sort it out.

    There's heaps of games like that and they are still good games, if one takes the time to learn the combo's one's more rewarded if one didn't meh you can still get through the game.

    Has this guy never played any games could be worse, it could only be mashing with no combos or rewards.....this is good news in my books!

      I agree its always good to have options rather than being forced to play the game one way only.

      This will work in there favor, if this turns out to be a good game.

      No there aren't. Also you've never played this game. The level of shit this games gameplay exhibits is unprecedented. Please stop offering your incorrect and uninformed opinion.

    It looks like the game is just one QTE after another that you don't even have to press the right button for. How does that constitute a game?
    Like what Mark said, if there's no risk of failure then there is no reward. (I think that's what he said in the video at E3)

    Compare this to Chivalry on PC. It has such an intricate combat system there is truly a sense of danger and reward when you defeat an opponent. And if you lose and are killed? You can't help but laugh.

      Did you ever play Age of Chivalry? Was a HL2 mod which was wicked cool; it's where you'd get your knights-lopping-eachothers'-heads-off fix before Chivalry: MW was released :P

      But yeah, pretty much. It's like successfully pulling off a riposte in Dark Souls - the sense of satisfaction and reward you get is pretty great considering it requires specific, randomised timing based on parrying your enemy's attack, and in some cases can take down an incredibly tough opponent. Press it out of time and you have to watch as often your opponent takes advantage of your blunder, and you die. There's a lot of risk but it's so damn satisfying when you do succeed.

      I can't imagine there'd be much satisfaction in mindless mashing, especially when I don't really have to in order to succeed. If there's absolutely no risk, then I literally may as well be watching a series of cutscenes fleshed together by segments where I can move forward to the next cutscene.

    I liked the scale of events, but everything else about this game seems bland and boring. Not only do they acknowledge that the combat system has little to no risk factor and is riddled with QTE's you don't even have to complete, but they're carrying through with it. I don't think there's much hope for Ryse. :P

      Agreed. I am predicting that Ryse will be a financial failure.

      The Last of Us is proof that intelligent, challenging game design can be highly successful whether it is new IP or an existing franchise.

      Last edited 10/07/13 3:11 pm

    I was just watching my kids co-op fable and they are mashing through the game, when I played it I planned my attacks carefully with combos and string attacks........but both ways are perfectly legit ways of playing the game.

      true, but unless your kids are over 18, they're not technically the demographic Ryse is aiming at :/

    I think its a perfectly fine concept. It lets the rookies play the game and have the ability to pass it through mashing while the more hardcore can learn all the technical moves.

    DMC is a perfect example i think, a well loved game that can be beaten through mashing your controller or you can actually do some really incredible combo moves.

    At least wait until you get your review copy and play through the whole game before you write it off Kotaku.

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