Your Secret Home For High-Res Box Art Images

There are plenty of times you need nice high-res box art images. Maybe you need to print a replacement. Maybe you want to do some photoshop work. Maybe you just want some new desktop wallpaper.

Whatever your reasons, an enterprising soul over on NeoGAF has found a sneaky solution that lets you pull big, clean images from IGN without the site's trademark watermark.

All you need to do is this. On a game's page on the site, the box art image url would normally look like this:

But if you delete the boxart_160h part, so that it reads like this:

You get a huge, clean image. Handy!

Note it doesn't work for all games, especially older ones, but more recent titles should be good to go.


    That's nice and all, but if you wanted to print out a replacement, what about the back and/or spine of the cover?

    A few years back pirates all across the globe would have rejoiced. Now it's all digital.

    or you no, you could get perfect high res versions without the ESRB rating and withought going to IGN(orant) just by going to

    realllllly plunket... reallllyyyy..

    1) there are website databases dedicated to high res box art like

    2) you are promoting another games news website and showing people a loophole within its design

    3) another typical plunket article, that reads like a facebook post

    The transparency of this site is just mind-boggling. I can't believe they try and defend themselves from this.

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