Yup, These Are The Types Of People You Meet In Online Games

Once you log enough hours into a multiplayer game, you start noticing patterns. Things people like to do in games, sure — but also what kinds of people you're likely to find in any given game.

This image by CANADIENxBOSS summarizes everyone from Halo and Minecraft and just about every game in-between perfectly.

Click on "expand" to properly read the text:

the types of people you meet online[CANADIENxBOSS]


    Heh. I love the Moonbase alpha one. Starcraft II was funny too. :P

    lol'ed at the DayZ one. Hilarious stuff

    Dayz Lol and Sc2 are pretty accurate.

    Especially DayZ lol

    Minecraft - Building "friendships" since 2011
    Portal 2 - Destroying "friendships" since 2011

    Every other game: spamming nubs

    *snerk* at TF2.

    And by horrible coincidence, I flicked back to the TF2 screen that I'm idling in, and yes, someone was spamming a sale. I died.... and found some Bonk :D :D

    hmmm..... I actually met my now wife on omegle......

    ... she hasn't tried to murder me with an axe yet. Must've got lucky ;-)

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