Zone Of The Enders No Longer Looks Like Crap In HD

When Zone of the Enders HD Collection was released, it did not look good. It looked so bad that Z.O.E. creator Hideo Kojima said plans to make a new Z.O.E were shelved. But take heart, the HD version just got patched.

Game developer Hexa Drive did the patch for Konami, and it seems to have given the game the desired HD sheen while managing to keep the spirit of the original PS2 version.

It's something everyone can finally be proud of. Finally!

Here, have a look:

The patch, apparently, cleared up glare, depth of field, and anti-aliasing issues as well as putting the game in true HD at 1080p. The patch has other fixes too, such as for the in-game map.

In the footage below, the characters "適用前" ("tekiyo mae") mean "before (the patch) was applied." The characters "適用後" ("tekiyo go") mean "after (the patch) was applied." So, they're before and after the update.

The patch has only been released for the PS3 version.

ZONE OF THE ENDERS HD EDITION -はいだらクオリティへの道- For quality and performance improvement. [Hexa Drive]


    Sweet, I bought this in a sale on PSN but haven't gotten around to downloading it yet. Now may be the time.

    Checked yesterday and the patch wasn't out for discs purchased in Australia (yes, it's out in Japan, UK and USA and has been for about a week). Will check tonight to see if it's now out for versions bought in AUS

    But all console games are rendered in 720p these days. I don't understand.

      There are quite a few 1080p games on ps3. I think developers gave up when Xbox became the main developing console and make everything 720p.

        None really worth noting as far as I know. Could you provide some examples? I'm not saying "yeah but nobody cares about those games", I would actually like to know. I haven't found any except for like Wipeout HD.

    Completely misleading article! There is still no patch for Australian discs!

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