Zynga Dethroned As The King Of Facebook Games

January of this year marked the first time in ages a non-Zynga game made it to the top of the Facebook app charts, as FarmVille 2 was passed in active users by King's ridiculously popular Candy Crush Saga. According to the latest estimates from app metrics site AppData, today King took the crown as overall top Facebook developer.

For years the developer that defined casual social gaming has rested easy atop the list of top Facebook app developers, with hundreds of millions of players logging in to play games like FarmVille, CityVille, Mafia Wars and Texas HoldEm Poker, easily doubling the monthly active users of its closest competitors. The estimated number of monthly active users for Zynga games is still a mind-boggling 147.7 million.

But now, as reported by Inside Social Games, King boasts 150.5 million, thanks largely to the success of Candy Crush Saga (44.7 million), Pet Rescue Saga (26.5 million) and its most recent smash hit puzzle game, the incredibly addictive Farm Heroes Saga, which I may have been playing for an hour this morning.

Can Zynga stage a comeback? More to the point, does Zynga want to stage a comeback? The future for the seemingly perpetually-struggling company likely lies in the social mobile sector, rather than on Facebook, though it remains to be seen which direction former Xbox boss Don Mattrick will be steering Zynga in as its new CEO.

Congratulations, King. I knew you had it in you.

King overtakes Zynga as top Facebook app developer [Inside Social Games]


    I pronounce 'saga' as 'sega'. Is this a common pronunciation or am I just wrong? I'll keep doing it either way, just curious.

      Not really related but reminded me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5dZ5ZnwDEo

      But do you pronounce sega as "see-ga" or "sey-ga"?

        neither, i think it's sah-ga

          I play Candy Crush on my way to work
          I play Candy Crush dressed like Cpt. Kirk
          I play Candy Crush and sometimes like to sing
          I play Candy Crush which is made by King

          Le Fin

          From Wikipedia: "Sega Corporation (株式会社セガ Kabushiki gaisha Sega?), pronounced /ˈseɪɡə/ (US/Canada/UK) or /ˈsiːɡə/ (Australia/New Zealand)"

          /ˈseɪɡə/ is pronounced "say-ga" or "sai-ga" (both the same)
          /ˈsiːɡə/ is pronounced "see-ga"
          in Japanese, it's セガ (pronounced as "seh-ga")

          For "Saga": http://www.google.com.au/search?q=Saga%3Adefine


          You mean after all these years you've never listened to the Sega logo splash screen where they go "seh-ga"? Sounds like you need to watch this:

            No you misunderstand, I meant that's how your pronounce it in Candy Crush Saga. as in "sah-ga"
            Of course I know how to pronounce the company Sega. I had a master system when I was 10. I grew up playing Alex Kidd and sonic.

        I pronounce it the same as when you turn on the old Sega machines. Say-ga

    At least you can kind of describe Candy Crush as a game. That's a huge step up from Zynga

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