12 Very Impressive Minutes Of Next-Gen Zombie Parkour

Here's a 12-minute gameplay demo of Dying Light, Techland's free-running zombie survival game. It looks impressive, every bit the Mirror's Edge-meets-Dead Island thing that Stephen talked when he first saw the game earlier this year.

It's nice to finally see the game in action. Dying Light will be released next year across both current-gen and next-gen platforms, but this demo seems pretty clearly next-gen. Look at that foliage blow in the wind! That is some next-gen foliage, buddy. (I've hit up Warner Bros to see which platform this demo's running on. Probably a PC, if I had to guess.)

Some of this seems pretty rote — particularly the big "bruiser zombie" that pops out at one point — but other parts seem cool, in particular the great-looking running animations and the way that the city's design seems to allow for true improvisation. As long as you really have to keep avoiding confrontation and never get, say, a flame-thrower, this game could be a lot of fun. That said, I've never really loved Techland's Dead Island (though I know some do), so I'm hopeful but a bit wary that Dying Light will be a less janky experience.

Also: Favelas really are the new hotness in games, huh? Hey, at least they're colourful.

What do you guys think? Ach, ja or nicht nicht?


    Cool. Looks good, though I have trouble finishing scary games these days.

    What's with the weird distortion of the players vision at times(eg. at 2:11 as he jumps to the roof)? It's really distracting, I don't think I could play the game for long if it kept doing that.

      That is very strange. Serrels posted a clip from IGN yesterday, with the exact same content, and there was no visual distortion. I would point out that the clip in this article appears to be stretched, compared to the IGN clip.


    It looks like a solid game - essentially, it is what Dead Island should have been. As long as the animations aren't the same (I'm speaking of the neck-breaking one), and you actually have a chance to survive at night, then it should be a nice addition to the genre.

    Technical demonstrations obviously highlight the pros, and in saying that, I hope the game doesn't fall into the "everything you do effects the players world" generic line. Saving the kid would most likely open up another quest, but might not necessarily change the game story wise. If they can deliver on these nuances, then it will be a big seller.

    First off let me say this game looks really good, but developers need to realise that slapping parkour onto an existing genre doesn't make it "next gen". Hopefully this game doesn't fall for that.

    That's also why i think titanfall is severely overrated.

    Also i hope its not another dead island, that game is S-H-one-T.

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