$150 Version Of GTA V Lets You Play Online As Niko Bellic's Son

$US150 Version of GTA V Lets You Play Online as Niko Bellic's Son

The surprisingly-grandGrand Theft Auto Online, which launches on October 1, will let you pick your parents as you sculpt the character you play. Would you like to be playing as the son of GTA IV's protagonist? You can.

According to Rockstar, one of the perks of purchasing the $US150 Collector's Edition of the game will be extra hereditary options, allowing you to control a descendant of some of the GTA series' most notorious individuals. It seems that any players of GTA Online will be able to customise characters, but only Collectors will be able to pull from some or all of the GTA all-star roster. According to an official Rockstar news release...

GTA Online introduces a new spin on traditional character creation with the hereditary-based creation system. Select your character's appearance by choosing your parent's heritage, then use the gene dominance meter to dial-in which parent your appearance favours more. Additionally, you'll customise your character's daily activities - everything from family time to illegal work and sports to couch potato hours all have an impact on your character's appearance and skill set (and you can always rank up your skill stats more via gameplay). As part of the Collector's Edition package, you'll get Niko Bellic, along with both Claude and Misty from Grand Theft Auto III to use as parent options within the character creation system.

Here's the rest of what comes with the $US150 version to help you decide if it's worth it.

$US150 Version of GTA V Lets You Play Online as Niko Bellic's Son

GTA V will be out on September 17. Grand Theft Auto Online comes with every copy of GTA V but won't be accessible until October.


    That sounds fun....if AU even got a chance to preorder the damn thing R*!! Gosh I'm bitter about that...and yes, obviously not a bigger enough fan that I didn't preorder it 3 years ago.

      Learn the lesson, keep $2-300 in the bank on the off-chance that an ultra-hyper-superduper-limited-collector's-special edition might be announced for anything any day soon and it'll sell out before you even get to a computer. Then go spend that money on an Elder Scrolls Online subscription the day before they announce it'll go Free-to-play

        I'm speechless. What's your IQ?

          my shoe size says 11

            Genius! http://www.cmu.edu/CSR/case_studies/shoe_size.html

              For a moment i thought you were serious and, well i'll leave it at that :P

              Though that collecters edition is shit, don't see why anyone would want it. Compared to watch dogs Dead sec edition which gets basically the same stuff plus a sick statue for the same price, this feels more cash grabby.

                I was really let down by this collector's edition. Again like the previous one, what's with R*'s need to give us stuff that allows us to lock things in. They had the deposit box in GTA IV.

                You're right - a hat and a security deposit bag?? Come on, they can do better than that. Having said, that I do use my GTA deposit box to store payslips, mobile phone bills and old bank statements. Very, very handy. ;-)

                Something like the Bioshock Infinite - Songbird statue. Awesome! That looks killer on my coffee table in my man cave. That's a worthy piece of memorabilia. Much like I hope the Aiden statue from the Dead_Sec version.


                Rockstar is just trying to be creative for their collector's edition unlike ubisoft who literally make stupid statues for every single collector's edition of their games and the statue may not even be that good. I'm not sure if ubisoft used the same company for the statues for different games but i checked out splinter cell blacklist's statue for one of its edition and it's quite shit. Not sure about the statue for watch dogs dedsec edition but hopefully it's better.

                  Its funny that you mention creativity because the GTA 4 one had the exact same stuff in it, lock box and other junk.

                  Last edited 29/08/13 10:04 am

      Not sure what you're talking about. It WAS available for pre-order a few days after it was announced. (26th May)
      Me and my mate both got pre-orders for CE, heck my local JB HiFi was still taking pre-orders for CE 2 weeks ago (and may still be. - Will check at lunchtime.)

      Last edited 28/08/13 8:54 am

        Sure sure...I was just having a playful tongue-in-cheek-rant, anyway...on a serious note, I checked my local JB and also both CBD Sydney stores and they were all, "Nah mate, gone ages ago to people who were upgraded from a standard preorder.".

        Last edited 28/08/13 8:58 am

          I was that guy at my local EB. I'm a sucker for everything R*. Can't help it.

          Dismiss my last post as I have seen now that you were just being a bit cheeky. I know for a fact that some JB stores have extra stock that has been ordered so if your desperate, ring around and you might find yourself a store that has a spare!

          Seems some are still out there...

            Cheers! But TBH, I've lost motivation to really pursue it anymore. I'll just stick with the Limited Edition. :-)

      My local EB got 7 copies of this, they all were preordered the day they had stock allocated... There wasn't even word to the public we would be able to pre order it as well.

        This may sound a little manic, but ever since announcement of the game, I check R* newswire every morning and night for news and announcements. One morning I woke up and saw the CE post and immediately got ready to go to my local EB where I had the SE pre-order already paid off. As I got into my car my phone rang, it was the manager of the local EB, asking if I knew what he was calling about. I did, we laughed and I went in and paid off the rest of the CE. As expensive as EB are, that is service. I went in yesterday and spoke to him about the midnight release, now I got the details... I have serious GTA V blue balls.

          You are hilarious too, Blue Blues!

            Its the unfortunate truth at the moment. I have a tonne of great games I either haven't finished or haven't done everything I'd like to do in. Civ 5 w/BNW, State of Decay, Last of Us, Payday 2 even bloody X-Com enemy unknown and a tonne of others. I just cant even bring myself to load anything else up... There is definitely something going on in my head right now... AND MY FREAKING SACK!

            Last edited 28/08/13 12:33 pm

      You could have preordered last year, which I know many people to have done and they got upgraded to the collectors.

      JBhifi had them for preorder and I managed to get one a week after pre orders went up and they had 3 left at the time. Should have rung around!

    you’ll get Niko Bellic, along with both Claude and Misty from Grand Theft Auto III to use as parent options within the character creation system.

    Dammit! Why no Tommy Vercetti or CJ?

      Yeah that's a bit baffling no CJ, since we're in San Andreas and all. Tommy would be awesome.

    So will the character genes from GTAIII come with significantly fewer polygons?

    There are few X360 special edt available at the JB I work at. (One of the Sydney city stores)

    Complete junk, not worth the extra money, just like the IV special edition.
    All you get for online is some extra character options and a stealable car, of which will be a great sport for those who didn't throw money in the bin.

    Suck me rock star. Like I could give a shit about your greedy, way to rob retards of their extra cash. That and you're failed idea of making PC users wait because supposedly it curbs piracy, makes you very lame right now. You did that, only to have the obvious happen, console versions started getting pirated, greedy idiots. And to no offense to console players in general, but the ones that are also greedy and don't give a shit should die in a fiery crash, going off a cliff in gta 5 or something, because they don't understand GTA's roots, nor do they get the quality they are missing out on.

    being that my comment only flames RS a bit, and follows TOS it should be approved, but some censor will likely have to be a loser and not do what's right in order to make things smooth, and boring...

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