41 Shooters That Were Made In Just A Week (And Look Pretty Good!)

Held earlier in the month, 7DFPS was a game jam that have people seven days to make a first-person shooter. Since that's nowhere near enough time to program suitable hinge-shooting mechanics, people had to get creative, with impressive results.

This video showcases 41 of over 200 entries, and while it seems like a blur, it really helps if you turn YouTube's annotations on, as that'll give you more info on each game.

Some of those taking part include devs from Guerilla Games (Killzone) and Minecraft creator Markus Persson.

7DFPS [Site]

Video: 7-Day FPS game jam highlights [Indiegames]


    There are a lot of really fun and great games here. Shambles goes without saying, but regarding Svetovid, Roguelike FPS, and Spaghetti Armageddon, there are some seriously impressive things going on here.

    I always believe that when constraints are present, video games reach creative heights. You can't rely on story and graphics to sell your game, you have to rely on actually creating something concise and fun.

    Last edited 28/08/13 6:44 pm

    Orbital Asset Recovery impressed me.

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