Don Bradman Gets His Very Own Australian-Made Cricket Game

Cricket games are few and far between in this day and age and, in an industry dealing with spiraling budgets, they tend to struggle in comparison to EA's big budget representations of sports games like FIFA and Madden. But still, there is a market, and this time Big Ant Studios has snagged a brilliant licensing coup for its game. The greatest cricketer who ever lived, Don Bradman.

The game will be called Don Bradman Cricket 2014 and is set to feature a new 360 shot control mechanic in addition to the usual bells and whistles you can expect from a modern sports game, like Career Mode and the like. According to Big Ant Studios, the game has been four years in the making.

"It is indeed an honour to be able to bring the greatest player to a technology savvy generation of fans in what promises to be the greatest cricket game of all time." said Sebastian Giompaolo, Managing Director for HES, “Big Ant Studios have been working hard on this title for four years and we at HES are really excited with what they have been able to achieve. It is far superior to any cricket game in the market."

It's an exciting licence to land. Don Bradman is widely believed to be the greatest Test Batsman who ever lived and is routinely ranked among the greatest Australian sportsmen of all time. Here's hoping the game lives up to its name.


    Has there every been a truly great videogame adaption of cricket so far? This could be the first.

      Man I played the pants off that game.

        I download Snes emulators just to play that one game it was awesome.

          You realise it's the same game as Cricket '96. Think I remember getting that as a freebie from Weetbix!

        Nothing like constantly mashing the appeal button.

        Then proceeding to knock all 3 stumps down after every ball.

        just bowl them out with yorkers, no one could ever hit the yorkers.

        Shuffle batsmen so ball is heading down leg, hit down leg behind wicket for a boundary.... every time... Best exploit ever.

        Beat me to it - Super International Cricket is the gold standard of Cricket video games in my book

      There was a goodun on amiga...

      Allan border was a bitch to play... still though... got many hours out of it.

    I'd like to go on the record that my friends and I played the absolute bejesus out of Shane Warne Cricket '99

    I am still waiting for someone to port One Day Cricket from C64

      Was that the one where the teams were bright purple and bright blue and all the batsmen looked like david boon? That was awesome

    I wish cricket was in the least bit interesting... I want to buy this game just because it's Australian made (in Melbourne, gasp!) and aimed at a mostly Australian audience. In fact I'd almost get interested in cricket just to support something like this.

    EA Sports Cricket 2007

    The dual stick batting control mechanic in that game was amazing.

    When I read that headline I just had a considerably more animated response than I would have previously thought possible this early in the day (for me).

    360 or XBone? Microsoft Exclusive? I NEED MORE INFORMATIONS!

    This announcement gives me second thoughts on picking up the Ashes 2013 game that is coming out soonish also... will wait and see which one ends up being better.

    Though I will probably cop both in the end, lol!

      I would recommend avoiding the Ashes game, it has been well and truly panned by the people have had a chance of playing it (they did an playtest at Lords when the game was advertised by the company making it as complete). Now they claim they simply need to "turn on" the rest of their assets.

    I like games and I play Cricket, but never have I seen the lure of a Cricket Video Game. I hope this is different.

    Its Big Ant. The Same Company that made the Rugby League games.
    It will be horrible.

      My thoughts exactly. I played RL2 out of curiosity and it was a few generations behind in all aspects.

      Maybe not. I read an interview a while ago with the owner of Big Ant, and he said this has always been his goal. He has been trying to make a cricket game that cuts it for about 15 years.

      Based on the RL games, it could be bad, but his passion for cricket really came through, so I'll reserve judgement until I see it.

      Last edited 09/08/13 8:17 am

    From what I have seen of this game so far (its covered widely on PlanetCricket), it is looking quite good, they tend to release details and screenshots on Fridays on the PC forum. This game differs from RLL2 by the fact that this is completely made by BA, where if I recall correctly it was a shared job on RLL2.

    Grahame Goochs Cricket , that was the best game ever. Scored 900 one innings.

    Ahh Don Bradman... Now I ask you, is it any good?

    Given the history of cricket games, I'm expecting something hovering somewhere between kick in the teeth bad and stabbed in the genitals with a spork awful, I'd be delighted to be proven wrong.

    I am looking forward to this Don bradman cricket, i think it looks great. The past games have failed i think because a lot of them are really the same, cricket 2005 shit! , Cricket 2007 is like the same as cricket 2005 but the batting is better than 2005 but still shit! , Brian Lara 2005 is OK, but i like Ricky pointing cricket 2007 a bit better because i think the world cup mode is a bit better, its the same game like Brian Lara cricket 2007 but called by different name. Ashes 2009, looks good, i like the batting, but the bowling not so much and the game modes are pretty poor, so it is a OK game, cricket 2010 is pretty different but i think the bowling is pretty fun when i started playing it. And the batting not as good as Ashes 2009 but the game modes are. A lot of people say ashes 2009 is better but i think it is very close, i think cricket 2010 is better because you can do more.

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