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I made a huge mistake. This week there was a dearth of noms, so I thought, hey! Why not throw it out there on twitter, 'any noms this week'? Oh man.

I'll post a few of my favourites.

But there were some serious noms on the twitbox. Apologies if I missed any.

Wait, let me get this straight — DAN was on a piggyback, he ate shit and it Sughly caused it? I'm having a hard time with the mental image here. He didn't eat actual poo, right? (I guess it is Dan we're talking about here.) I guess some things are better left unexplained...

Yay! McGarnigal! Good nom. Also — I agree with this one:

Okay, this is how nice D.C. is: he's so nice that he sent me a nom email, and then resent it because he spotted a few typos here and there. WHAT A GUY!

D.C. Oh man, so many spelling errors and left out words. Let's try this again. Sorry man!
I was feeling down last week and he gifted me Gone Home. I couldn't accept the gift, because I'm weird and awkward but the gesture was mind blowingly kind of him.
Also @sughly!
He's been away from TAY this week and TAY feels like a lesser place without him here. D:
Who's planning a trip in November to Brisbane just to hang out with us! (Maybe pimping his book at Supanova as well, who can say!)
Always makes sure I'm not feeling too awkward at Kotaku gatherings!
Good guy. Insightful, always has something interesting to say!
Any friend of Jimu's a friend of mine!
For salvaging the Elysium meat last weekend when I was feeling indecisive and plan cancel-like.
Guys having a tough day today. All the best, my friend!
That is all!

But D.C. was on the receiving end of plentiful noms. Mawt for example dropped the nom bomb upon him.

Mawt Hi Mark!
You were the third person in as many days that had mentioned juice diet when you brought it up on twitter last week. Obviously this was a sign - the Universe had revealed "The Secret" to me, or something like that. Anyway... Anyway, I'm prepping myself for a juice diet sometime in the coming weeks. Really looking forward to your reports on the subject.
But that's not really why I'm writing to you today. Nope, the reason is noms! Or just the singular, nom.
This week I'm nomming D.C. for being awesome. I've spent a lot more time reading TAY this week and I've noticed DC upvoting people like a champion and contributing meaningfully to just about all the conversations. I believe that he's probably this awesome all the time and I just haven't noticed before. Also, he provided my week with the kick start I needed with this ( - it's The Moon theme from DuckTales Remastered. It's probably the best piece of music that has ever and will ever be written for video games.
I'm also nomming Ben Affleck for being cast as Batman. I don't think I need to provide any further explanation for that one.
Are you going to "food up" this weekend before Juice Week?

Okay all me to divert from my nom focus for just a second...

For those of you who don't already know, next week I'm going on a juice diet, just as one of my crazy Lifehacker experiments. I'm doing it for a week. Tune in to Lifehacker next week so you can point and laugh at my abject misery. This week I've been preparing my body for it by eating a no meat, no chocolate, no caffeine diet. It has been very, very difficult, so I'm absolutely dreading next week. But, whatever, I love doing weird stuff like this, so I'm also looking forward to it in a bizarre way.

But to answer your question Mawt — I can't 'food up' because of my stupid 'pre-juice' diet!

OOoookay! Back to the noms.

RedArtifice actually dropped noms super early this week.

RedArtifice I know what you're thinking: Noms on a Monday? Do these people ever let me rest?
I'd like to nominate Transientmind. Dude's been all over the comments and has me continuously reaching for the upvote arrow.
Have a good week

This Transientmind seems like a cool cat. And thanks RedArtifice, my week was mediocre, but thanks for the well wishes.

And finally, todays last nom comes from Greenius.

Greenius It's been a while!

Why yes it has, how have you been old spice?

Kudos to Welbot for being a helpful internet IT wizard!

Cool, thank you — but Welbot won last week so CONGRATS TO D.C. who is this week's winner!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

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    I also anti-nommed Seth Killian.

    That dude seriously needs to stop having fighting game bosses based off of him. I'm sick of losing.

    Grats @dc \o/
    This one's for you:

      Haha! That theme sounds amazing no matter how it's played! :D

    But that guys a jerk!

      You're the jerk! >:|


      What I mean to say is...

      Whoa. Honestly didn't expect this at all. Thank you.

      Congrats to all the other nominees as well.

    DeeCee ftw! gg bro!

      You guys are so damn kind. Thanks for the kind words.


    I was going to also nom D.C. but didn't.

    You sure do win this thing a lot, @dc. You should probably stop stressing about stuffs now. :P

    Also...have you given Serrels your address yet? Winning prizes is different from being given gifts....

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