$US99 Unlocks Heaps Of Stuff In The Free-To-Play DC Universe MOBA

$US99 Unlocks Heaps Of Stuff In The Free-To-Play DC Universe MOBA

Quickly becoming the standard for free-to-play PC games, Founders’ packs give players a chance to forego post-launch nickel-and-dime content into one massive down payment. What does $US100 get you in the DC Comics take on League of Legends?

For starters (pun mildly intended), anyone that buys one of the three Founders’ packs — basic, standard and elite — will score immediate access to the game’s closed beta, so they’ll know right away if they made a sound investment. Each pack also offers early access to the game’s Coast City map, which is fine, as Coast City is full of elitist jerks anyway.

Basic founders will pay $US19.99 for those things, along with three champion unlocks, a bronze forum badge and 800 Crisis Coins. Those coins are a $US10 value, which would suggest the game’s currency runs on the old Xbox Live conversion rate.

Standard founders pay $US50, score a silver badge, six champion unlocks and 3200 Crisis Coins. All that plus a special Renaissance: Gaslight Batman costume.

And then there’s Elite, the top tier. For $US100, Elite players shall receive a gold badge, 12 champions, the Gaslight Batman costume, an Arkham City Batman costume, early access to the upcoming Gotham Divided map and 8600 coins, good for purchasing anything the pack doesn’t cover.

Speaking of not covering, I’ve been tiptoeing around Infinite Crisis for ages now, because it doesn’t feel like a very fitting use of the licence, and I think we’ve got plenty of MOBA games as it is. I used to think any genre would be better with Batman, but now I’m not so sure.

Surely someone out there is excited though, right?


  • I don’t invest until Aus servers are out, especially for a game requiring low-lag like MOBA’s and FPS. Is why I loved HoN so much, they were first out of DotA and LoL to bring out Aus servers.

      • I find anything over 100ms really really noticeable with DOTA2, I think it’s closer to FPS than RTS requirements myself.

        • I’m not sure I’m reading this wrong but I think what @fryiee1 means is that the lag feels like the lag in RTS games instead of FPS games which I understand as FPS game lag usually have magically appearing enemy and random death by shotgun by walking around.

  • It’ll just end up being like Guardians Of Middle Earth, a watered down version of LoL with an iconic theme.

    • I think it will see a lot more success than Guardians of Middle Earth, which received little coverage, had major latency issues and was on a console. Not saying MOBA’s can’t make it on consoles, but they are certainly at a disadvantage.

  • More of the MOBA games need to use the DOTA 2 model instead of this pay for champion BS. DOTA 2 (and Valve) have proved you can create a game and offer content to people who want to pay for it which is cosmetic only – so why are we seeing games with the LoL model. Woe is me.

  • NO.

    pre-purchasing can go f itself..

    Lol clearly has the best model.. play alot to get characters or pay your way to open them and costumes. Even though lol’s price for riot points is stupidly expensive.. it lets ppl from both points of views still play the game.

    • Hm? Dota has the best model. Completely free to play and the only payment is for cosmetic items which is totally optional. The economy runs based on the rarity of the cosmetic items and no one will ever get affected by it if you simply want to enjoy the game 100%.

  • One day Im going to play either LoL or DOTA and find out what all the fuss is about. Ive tried watching them, but they dont fill my gut with a sudden urge to play them.

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