A Card Game That Makes You Do Terrible, Terrible Things

A Card Game That Makes You Do Terrible, Terrible Things

Terrible Things is a card game with a simple premise. Teams have to draw, describe or act out a terrible thing. If you can't guess what it is, you have to do a terrible thing.

How terrible? Not, like, murder. An example the creators provide include... sticking your hand down the toilet. I'm sure booze -- and a teased "banned" deck of companion cards -- will make things worse.

The game's slogan is that it's "the party game where everyone loses". Seems about right, going by the Kickstarter campaign video below.

The game's asking for $US75,000 to get made (printing physical games is expensive!). Those backing it can get horrible, horrible things at the link below.

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    Why would anyone actually play this?

      because it looks like fun.

      looks like it'd be a funny night, everyone would get embarrassed by the events of that game night. What happens at game night, stays at game night.

    I think its just people trying to take something like Cards Against Humanity a step further. So long as its not completely batshit it might be fun.

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