A Dark Souls Veteran Breaks Down What's New In Dark Souls II

If you're a hardcore Dark Souls player, chances are you'll want to hear what another hardcore Dark Souls player thinks of the coming sequel.

I am not a hardcore Dark Souls player. But Matt Lees of Videogamer.com is, and he's put together this interesting video where, based on a couple of hours with Dark Souls II, he lays out all the minute changes he's noticed. Our own Chris Person agrees: The sequel may have been tweaked a bit, but it's still Dark Souls.


    So. Much. Hype.

    *foaming at the mouth*

      So I stuck with Demon's Souls, even after telling myself that I'm not touching it ever again about 20 times.

      Maybe because I found some better items by trying out different worlds. So now I feel compelled to finish it.

    A few things
    what the hell is an 'inventry'
    you could switch between arrows in Dark Souls 1

      An inventory is an item select screen. Also he is saying that you can have 2 arrows per bow.

    I'm a bit annoyed he didn't talk about the new design for the health and stamina bar that is a step back and harder to read.

    Okay, this game scares the shit out of me (anyone else notice the concept art of crossing a rope bridge surrounded by 3-4 dragons?) and its not even out yet. I can't wait. I think I have Stockholm syndrome.

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    if they pull the same bullshit with the PC port this time around i'll ragequit life

    I noticed he said the enemy AI is programmed to attack you when you are using a healing item.. I'm pretty certain that's not a new feature as I remember in both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls when healing in the midst of action the enemy's would really turn up their attack.. especially in boss fights.

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