A Darker Look At The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is set in the same world as its predecessor, A Link to the Past, but it’s way in the future, and the Link you’ll play on the 3DS this November is totally different than the Link you played on Super Nintendo two decades ago. Video footage above.


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  • So looking forward to this must admit at this point I’m confused though. First Nintendo tells us there are 3 timelines now there are possibly 2 triforces. Not to mention wasn’t the dark world restored back to the sacred realm at the end of aLttP by Links wish to the triforce, wonder what happened to corrupt the sacred realm again since it seems to be back.

    • Why does Ganon keep coming back to life? I kill him in, like, every Zelda game.

      I’m sure there’s a reason somewhere. Why don’t we wait for more details, and try not to take the story too seriously. It’s the Zelda franchise after all.

    • Even Nintendo admits the “official” timeline was only made to appease the fans. I’m happy with each being its own game really. 🙂

      (direct sequels are different of course)

  • I’m pretty sure this title will make me purchase a 3DS, even if it is solely used for this game, I feel I can justify it.

    • Zelda is pretty much one of the only reasons I buy Nintendo consoles anymore. The lack of new Zelda on WiiU is why I don’t own one yet.

  • So with a sequel to Link to the Past coming for 3DS in a few months, any chance of actually getting LttP on 3DS eShop?

  • pity the graphics look terrible. Don’t want to play a Zelda game that looks like that. Looks even worse than the cell shading problem.

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