A Great Batman Run Ends And Why Image Comics Is Kicking Arse

You don't work at Kotaku. But if you did you'd see a constant comics-centric conversation going back and forth between our staffers. Recommendations and raves pop up in our instant-message chats all the time and we catch up on must-read series and creators over lunch. These chats are always fun so, lucky you, we thought we'd record one. Want to know the Kotaku editor-in-chief's favourite comics writer? Start watching.

In the video above, Kotaku bossman Stephen Totilo and I run down comics that we've read over the last few weeks, including the finale of a seven-year Batman arc. It's a long watch but hopefully, you'll have as much fun as we did.


    image and vertigo - best houses in comics right now

    That was great to watch & listen to.

    Last couple years I've been falling way behind on reading comics simply because of changes in my personal life (getting married & having babies). So yeah, glad I can catch up or get my comic books fix easily these days on my tablet just like you mentioned.

    Now I just wish I had people like you guys to talk about comics like that in real life!

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