A Love Letter To One Of The Most Beautiful Game Worlds

In case you’ve forgotten just how gorgeous Just Cause 2’s Panau Islands look, YouTuber ultrabrilliant is back with an amazing clip in which he revisits all the memorable locations of this amazing open world.

The sunset in Panau’s Capital City and the arctic mountain regions still look fantastic.

Other Places: Panau (Just Cause 2) [YouTube]


  • For anyone who hasn’t tried the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod, it is amazingly brilliant. It adds a whole new dimension to the game. You haven’t seen chaos until you’ve seen 1000 players at the same time flying planes into each other. Madness, complete and utter beautiful madness.
    If you have the game on PC, another beta test for online starts in 3.5 hours!

  • Looks ridiculously good on PC. Only played it on 360 and PS3 and it feels kind of lifeless. No grass swaying in the wind and things like that. Wouldn’t have any of that on my PC anyway lol, intel HD 4000 🙁

  • I still put in a few hours a week, especially after a long shift at work. The scenery is amazing, and my save is STILL full of anti-government terrorism to commit and unexplored places!

    • It’s funny, I read that as “unexploded places” and didn’t question it because it made sense to me. I have many of those left as well.

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