A Modest PS4 Proposal

A Modest PS4 Proposal

We know that the PS4 will have a Share button that will enable PS4 gamers to capture, upload and share clips of their best gaming moments. But what if there wasn't a Share button? What if there was a "Make GIF" button instead?

The best thing ever?

The worst?

Just brainstorming the future of video games over here...

For things that are actually going to happen on Sony's next console, check out our handy PS4 explainer. It's overflowing with details.

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    Because animated GIFs are just like videos, except less efficiently encoded, have a lower frame rate and colour depth, and lack sound?

    What if there was a “Make GIF” button instead?

    Kotaku would no longer write articles and just use the gif button instead?

      The way some of these articles are... might as well be.

    Nobody needs to make things any easier for Gergo Vas.

    Why would you force a page to load some shitty gif when you can embed/link the actual video?

    If you want to look to the future of gaming, you should be taking gif out the back and putting it down.

      Probably because a video, especially a 720p one, takes up boatloads more internet than a looping .gif, which is much smaller in file size and can communicate the same idea in all aspects outside of sound. This is very important for people who don't have America's magical stream of unlimited internet.

    Uhh... if this is the future of video games, then you can stop the car and let me out here. Thanks.

    I am not fan of GIF. They are so inefficient!

    Modest proposal? Why don't they make the PS4 with only analogue out video and stereo instead of HDMI while they're at it?

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    What's wrong with the humble screenshot?

    The internet would be flooded with COD teabagging Gif's.

    GIFS are horrible and ugly. Long live aPNG!
    In all seriousness though GIFs should be illegal.

    gifs take longer to load than videos sometimes

      Tell me about it. A page full of GIFs seems to take forever to load........ Why?

      Unless that video is on YouTube (and let's face it, YouTube has all the videos we watch), where it'll load halfway and stop, we'll catch up and then it'll lock up the playback.

    I love gifs...

    I understood that with the share button you could edit down what you wanted to share to a single screenshot anyway. I suppose it woudn't do animated GIFs but then again, I don't think that's a huge issue.

    Stephen, you are thinking small here, why not have a "Meme Button".

    one button press and you can make your favourite meme and post it to reddit!

    this is the future of gaming.

      "I used to be a [INSERT PROTAGONIST OCCUPATION] like you but then I took a [INJURY FROM THEME APPROPRIATE WEAPON] to the knee"

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    Replace Share button with a button that instantly loads one of a number of classic 8 or 16 bit titles that can be enjoyed while waiting for media to load or install.

    Perhaps a better use for the button might rage quit. It'll write a few randomly selected insults and put up a shattered screen image on the monitor/tv then power itself off. At least it might save the hardware LOL

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