A Musical Star Wars Journey Featuring Only Violin And Voice

Long live the Star Wars theme music, may it take us on ever more nostalgic, heroic adventures.

Here's the latest from violinist Lindsey Stirling (of Zelda and Assassin's Creed III renown) and vocalist Peter Hollens (known for Game of Thrones and Skyrim renditions), who together capped off the week last Friday with this rousing (and enjoyably goofy) medley of Star Wars music. Come for the melodies, stay for the Boba Fett cameo.



    Such an amazing thing to drift off to sleep to.
    That was awesome!

    Ok, their stuff is usually good, but this was pretty brilliantly put together!
    (Other goofs at the end were kinda cool too)

    As a testament to their work, I'mma go listen to John Williams brilliance right now, cheers for posting OP!

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