New Reaper Of Souls Teaser Page Appears On Official Diablo 3 Site

New Reaper Of Souls Teaser Page Appears On Official Diablo 3 Site

A new teaser page appeared on the official Diablo 3 site, with the name Reaper of Souls in it and an image having the “d3x_teaser-en-us.jpg” filename. Although it’s not confirmed officially, there’s a good possibility that this could be the expansion.

The first Diablo III expansion is “Reaper of Souls”, teaser site is live [NeoGAF]

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  • Hmmm… nah, just a coincidence Blizzard would tease something twelve days before a certain other MMO’s big release (that is going to have an open beta on the 17th – 7PM).

    • Huh. Really? What’s coming out? My mental calendar mustn’t be great, I didn’t think ESO, Wildstar or EQN were that far along… they’re the only really big ones I can think of.

      (Edit: Though to be honest, there’s always someone doing something in the MMO space that I hardly think that Blizzard media releases could really be tied to targeting any of them. You could pick any time in the year and it’ll be within a month of any of the smaller projects doing some closed beta invites/open beta softlaunch/actual launch.)

      • Oh you know exactly what MMO I’m referring to 😛

        Despite Kotaku reporting absolutely nothing about it for some reason (aside from barely mentioning it during E3 and that one article about why it won’t come out on the XBOne), it still has the Final Fantasy name to (I’ll admit) temporarily turn heads.

        • I’ll admit – I did figure it out about half-way through replying, hence the edit. 😉

          My snarky point stands though. It honestly didn’t spring to mind immediately, even though I get the beta emails. And I LIKE the bloody thing. I really doubt FFXIV registers as a much more than blip on Blizzard’s radar, something for the devs to go, “Oh hey cool, I’ll have to pencil in some time to play that,” rather than actively work their business plans around.

          Even though I enjoyed the hell out of the beta and fully intend to pick up a sub a few months after release (after they patch in the missing classes/jobs – and this is saying a lot because I don’t currently sub to ANY MMOs), this is not so much a Release as much as a student tentatively and apologetically handing in a much better assignment to their teacher after being given an extension and academic probation for their previous ‘effort’ which transcended ‘lazy and smartassed’ into being genuinely offensive. The assignment they should have handed in the first time before wasting everyone’s time and causing offense.

          It’s a solid game, but it never has been and never will be a genuine threat. Much like the niche success of FFXI, this will likely stand off on its own being quietly profitable in the long-term with a loyal and (mostly) happy fanbase (these are MMO fans after all – NEVER truly satisfied) but not making MMO waves, let alone setting the world on fire.

          • Well, I admit it doesn’t really try to do anything new, but rather recycle what other MMO’s have already done (well, recycle the fun bits). Could that be one of the reasons why the game dropped off your radar? New classes and jobs probably won’t be added into the game for awhile (2.1 patch won’t be until November), though Arcanist and Fisher will be available to use in the open beta. By the way, here’s the latest FFXIV trailer if you haven’t already seen it (12+ minutes. JPN onry at the moment):

            Anyway, seems I’ve “unintentionally” hijacked this article to talk about a completely different game (again?), hohohoh.

          • Pffft, s’awright, we’re totally the only ones in here.

            And yeah, I figured November’-or-so’ would about match the couple months post-launch space I’d need to pick up a sub, which is probably where my mental calendar is clocked to for anything FF14-related.

            I’m pretty much done with launch days. Server outages/crashes, cluster-fuck start-zones and fierce competition, lack of guides, absurdly-skewed economy, progress/content-blocking bugs, imbalances, less content, lag… there isn’t really much to recommend it except for ‘First!’ – the excitement of being a trail-blazer and a potential community of people who are similarly enthusiastic and levelling at the same pace as you (which I also don’t put a lot of stock in, because if they’re anything like me – game tourists – they’ll blow their wad early and the feeling of a ‘fading community’ will set in way too early).

            Nah. I’m happy to wait 2-3 months, and if anything, more people doing as I do will help smooth out the subscriber numbers dip that usually occurs in most MMOs after people decide that their initial 3-month honeymoon was enough, and cancel their subs.

  • I would buy a D3 expansion. Dunno why.
    Out of hope that the game can be salvaged?

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