A Sad Day For StarCraft As One Of The Best Players Quits

One of the most iconic and best non-Korean members of the StarCraft II eSports scene, Evil Geniuses' Stephano thinks it is time to move on. He says he's not enjoying the game as much as he used to, so he put an end to his career as a StarCraft pro. His last match was played against Lucifron in the World Championship Series. Here's the full replay (it's a long one) of the match:

Stephano is going to be a doctor, so no more max roach builds under 11 minutes for a while. And you can check his final words below as he leaves the game.


A Sad Day for StarCraft as One of the Best Players Quits
A Sad Day for StarCraft as One of the Best Players Quits

Stephano sums up his career [YouTube]

Images via Aripplelostintime [Tumblr]

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    Did he win his last game?

      He lost 0-2 to Lucifron. He didn't take a single game all night actually, poor lad

    He didn't win on a high note but he announced his retirement plans a while back. He said he wanted to go to medical school but took a couple gap years to build a tidy nest egg. The rest is just speculation, as he isn't enrolled in anything and usually retired pros go into poker or commentary.

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