A Week In Gaming Apps Everyone Can Love

Last week (well, technically last week) I introduced you all to the all-new, all-video Week in Gaming Apps. Some of you loved it. Others wanted a return to the classic format, with the giant pictures. So I did both, and that's why it's Monday now. Do not question my decision. I do what I do. I say what I say. I try to be everything to everyone. I know all the right people, and I play all the right games, like Knightmare Tower, Rymdkapsel (which I am probably spelling wrong) and Kid Tripp.

Stay turned next week, when I will turn around, fall down and do it all again. I wonder if I'll ever learn? *does a stupid dance for you*

What I Played This Week...

A Week In Gaming Apps Everyone Can Love

Knightmare Tower - iOS - $US2.99

After Stephen Totilo raved about Knightmare Tower during his review of the Ouya, I was eager to get my hands on the endless-riser for iOS. And then I never let it go. Seriously, it ate my weekend, and it's all Totilo's fault.

A Week In Gaming Apps Everyone Can Love

Rymdkapsel - iOS, Android - $US3.99

The essence of real-time strategy/base-building gameplay. Totilo loved it on PlayStation Mobile. I love it here.

A Week In Gaming Apps Everyone Can Love

A Brief History of the World - iOS - $US5.99

The popular era-hopping board game gets the iPad treatment, and it works incredibly well.

A Week In Gaming Apps Everyone Can Love

Pivvot - iOS - $US2.99 It's a game of dodge-stuff with a nice beat and a clean, cool style.

A Week In Gaming Apps Everyone Can Love

Baby Nom Nom - iOS - $US2.99 A clever twist on maze puzzlers, Baby Nom Nom adds grain groups and fruit collecting to the mix.

A Week In Gaming Apps Everyone Can Love

My Muppets Show - iOS, Android - Free

If you love My Singing Monsters, you'll at least recognise the design of My Muppets Show. It's pretty much a carbon copy, only with Muppets, and Muppets make everything better.

A Week In Gaming Apps Everyone Can Love

An Alien With a Magnet - iOS - $US.99

You really need to watch the video to fully appreciate this one. You probably shouldn't.

A Week In Gaming Apps Everyone Can Love

Brick Roll - iOS - $US1.99

I only just now realised this was a play on the phrase "Rick Roll". I am pretty dense sometimes. Good game, though!

A Week In Gaming Apps Everyone Can Love

Kid Tripp - iOS - $US.99

Classic platforming with a mean streak. Not for the faint of heart or the easily frustrated, but perfect for folks looking for the rush of accomplishment.


    This weekly piece is starting to annoy me [other than it being a Fahey]..

    They should rename it "This week in iOS apps [with some which may or may not be on Droid/WP as well]"

    You aren't qualified to write a piece on "Gaming apps", if all you do is fire things up on your iPhone on the train to work.

      Says who? I didn't know you were the authority on who is qualified to write articles on mobile gaming. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

        Oh hi!

        You must be new here! Let me show you around a bit!

        /opens door, gesturing inside.

        We call these things "comment sections"....
        .....don't worry you'll pick it up eventually.

        This is where we share our thoughts and opinions on an article or other written piece on a website.

        Oh? Opinions?...... ahhh, well these are what every person has. They are almost always unique to an individual and reflect how that particular person feels, not what is necessarily factual nor absolute. We give this the term "subjective".

        The opposite? Well, we call that "objective". That is something which is not debated nor disputed. It is what it is, independent of human emotion or thought.

        An "objective" opinion? Oh dear, Oh my...... don't worry, I'm sure you'll pick this all up in time with more practice.

        Last edited 08/08/13 10:56 am

          Lol thanks for the pointless condescending reply that only make you come across as more of a douche than your first comment but you still didn't tell me what makes you qualified to determine who can and can't write articles on mobile gaming. Knob. Don't hide behind "I'm free to state my opinions" type of response without being able to back them up with a response when asked, especially when having an unnecessary go at someone else.

            Well, I dunno mate, I didn't think my comment was anything crazy or controversial.... I still don't, lol.

            So, if you read what I said again, you will notice that I don't mean that the author isn't qualified to write the article, it's that the author isn't qualified to claim the article is on gaming apps [which refers to the whole cross platform ecosystem]. What evidence to I have to support my claim? The fact that *every* app in this article is for iOS, whereas only the consequently cross-platform ones are for any other platform.

            Every week I click the article to read it with a genuine curiosity as to new gaming apps, and every week I'm disappointed that there's actually no content here actually relevant to anything other than iOS.

    If Android wants a good phone ecosystem the solution is simple - release pre-paid cards into stores.

    Every other type of online gaming has pre-paid cards EXCEPT for Android.

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