A Wolverine Vs. Predator Face-Off. Bets On Who Wins?

How this crossover is possible, I don't know. That's not the important part, people. What you should be asking is, who would win in this mash-up by Aaron Shoenke? The actual answer may surprise you.

WOLVERINE vs. PREDATOR - Super Power Beat Down [machinima]


    Wolverine. ALWAYS WOLVERINE. He's Wolverine, after all.


      Unless its Batman. Then its always Batman

      I came to basically post the same thing. It's a shame how far off the movies are...

      But doesn't Predator still 'win' if it dies in battle?

    Not really surprised...

    Personally, I reckon Batman vs Wolverine (assuming it hasn't been done already) would be a fight to see...

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      The outcome of such a fight would solely depend on whether Batman had prep time in which case he would probably just set up a giant magnet or something. Without prep time Wolverine would utterly destroy Batman

        In brute force and tenacity: Wolverine

        In every other way: Batman

        There's no 'if there's prep time', Batmans ALWAYS prepared :P

          Useless Trivia: Back in the 90's there was a crossover called Dark Claw, which was a combination of Wolverine and Batman (Logan Wayne).

          Never read it, so I don't know if it was any good. I suppose that makes my trivia all the more useless, lol.

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            Yep, got all 3 original Amalgam comics right here. Dark Claws *very* short run was one of the less shit ones. His arch nemesis was a mix of The Joker and Night Crawler (could've been the Goblin? But Im sure it was night crawler...)

            My favorite was this....


              It was Joker and Sabertooth, the Hyena. I didn't even know about Lobo the Duck though, that looks incredible.


                Aaaaah Sabertooth, thanks :D

                Yeah apparently Lobo the Duck was the most succesful of them all, with the biggest following. Kind of self explanatory why isn't it? lol

      Do I have a present for you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7J1rhn4EhM

    In a short fight, Predator fares a lot better, but the longer it goes the closer Logan is to winning. The fact is that Predator can die and Wolverine cannot. It's just a question of how much Wolverine gets beat up before he manages to make the kill.

    No surprises here - pretty hard to get around that healing factor!

    Has anyone watched the deadpool vs batman edition of this show?
    Am I the only one frustrated with its conclusion?

    If the predator was a counterpart of his 13yr old online players (AvP) it would be a no contest. Plasma cannon from afar and you wouldn't even see it coming!

    Gawd these things are cheesy as hell. The costumes are looking WAY better though, but the fighting and dialogue are hilarious. Also, why does Wolverine run away like a pussy, twice? That's just not his style.

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