About That Disney Infinity Review...

About That Disney Infinity Review...

In a perfect world, this image would have a little yellow circle in the top left corner, and this article would be titled: Disney Infinity: The Kotaku Review. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

First off, shipping issues kept the proper version of Disney's ambitious toys meets video games project from arriving until Friday morning. With a substantial portion of that day dedicated to off-site appointments, that didn't leave me much time to play.

Coupled with the fact that the proper version I'd been waiting for was the PlayStation 3 version, which is currently unplayable online and not very useful off, we thought it best to hold off until the game was in a review-able state.

It's been a bit of a bumpy launch for Disney Infinity so far. Along with the PS3 issues, Wii U players are upset over lack of support for the Classic Controller and Pro Controller — the box says both should work — while original Wii owners have been disappointed to discover that their version of the game is the only one that does not support local cooperative play in adventure mode.

Congratulations, Xbox 360 owners — you've won Disney Infinity roulette.

So, look for our Disney Infinity review later this week, when we've had the time and ability to fully explore what the game has to offer. In the meantime, I've built a homemade light box so I can take pretty pictures of the toys for no reason.

About That Disney Infinity Review...


    Sounds like your average EA title launch to me :oP

      What do you mean? I've bought almost every game EA have released on console over the past year and have only had one issue with a bonus item not in game....... Don't you have better companies to bag into?

    So Skylanders keeps its crown, then. Figured.

    So... you reviewed SimCity pretty happily before it was all patched up. This is different how...?

      This is true. He can still play the game fine pre-patched and offline. Aren't most patches only released on launch day anyway? What about all the reviews done before launch day?

    So... articles about why you haven't written an article is now worth writing? Jesus Christ, this is meant to be a journalism site, not your personal fucking blog

    Compare this travesty to the confident and self assured manner in which Activision rolled out Skylanders. Says something about how effortless Activision makes it look!

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