According To GLaDOS, We've All Been Pronouncing 'Dota' Wrong

According to GLaDOS, We've All Been Pronouncing 'Dota' Wrong

Good news: Dota 2 is getting a GLaDOS announcer pack, meaning that you'll have the ability to pay to have GLaDOS chide you as you play. "Bad" news: the clip that teases her inclusion has a most surprising revelation.

Listen to this GLaDOS clip of the upcoming announcer pack, courtesy of PC Gamer, which they found in the DOTA 2 International round-up blog post:

It's a joke, of course.

(Via PC Gamer)


    Wouldn't that be a joke and not a surprising revelation? Obviously the D can't be silent because it's an abbreviation. I mean that same AI told me rooms were impossible to pass and other lies, sometimes just to goading me for "killing" the companion cube

    Edit: Ok I see the last line now, I thought the sound byte thingy was the end, nice reading me, you have done your past teachers proud

    Last edited 21/08/13 8:47 pm

    Someone's been watching, Django! :P

    They better make her lie in game!

    'Your bottom tower is currently under attack. Oh wait, I think it's just sad from neglect."

    Last edited 21/08/13 10:58 pm

      "Other players usually take better care of their companion couriers"

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