All The Flamboyantly Coloured Samurai You Could Ever Want From A Game

Historical accuracy is obviously not the forte of the latest expansion to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Well, unless there really were pink samurai running around stabbing Spartan pikemen. And each other.

Produced under a partnership with Spike TV and titled Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior, the expansion to Torn Banner’s PC multiplayer hack ‘n’ slash promises to deliver “epic new maps” and new warrior types to choose from, including the samurai, the Spartans and “more”. We should probably look to the TV show this is all based on as to who the “more” might be.

There’s a trailer you can watch above, and a website to check out right over here. No release date has been revealed apart from a “soon”.

Chivalry – Deadliest Warrior [Official Site]


  • Spetsnaz will be OP
    The Apache, Knight, Ninja, Pirate, Samurai, Spartan, and Viking from season one are playable in the original game.
    Can see them doing Apache and Viking from the list. Ninja to close to Samurai to make a difference. Of other seasons I think Roman Centurions to close to Sparta.
    They might add Vikings but it depends on if they want to go so close to fatshark and their new game

    • Ninja are heaps different from Samurai, did you play the Deadliest Warrior game? Ninjas were the nimble ones with crazy weapons and Samurai were the bigger, slower armoured guys with big swords and a Kanabo.

      • I didn’t play that one but within the context of the chivalry game I think they will be similar.
        I’m assuming they will keep the multiple classes per ‘race’ so you would have the standard samurai as the knight, naginata for the vanguard, archer with a big bow to replace archer. The class to replace the man at arms is probably much closer to a ninja, quick and agile. So rather than have a different race they would combine them.

        • Oh yeah totally, I thought you meant that Samurai and Ninja were too similar to include both. Your assumption sounds pretty accurate to how I’d imagine it as well, hopefully we’ll have more info soon.

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