An Inside Look At How That Awesome Comic-Con Mech Was Made

No, robot overlords didn't make the awesome Comic-Con mech that tried to befriend kids this year. Humans did! Hence why the mech needs someone to pilot it — not that it's immediately obvious that someone is in the suit. Kind of begs the question: how did they pull it off?

Here are a couple of inside looks, courtesy of wired, which look at the mech's conception and development, including unused designs and how the mech actually works. It's pretty cool, and I imagine that's especially true for anyone who is interested in actually building a mech one day. It's also unreal to see what kind of skeleton the person piloting this thing jumps into. Engineering, people.

Both of these aren't a complete look at how it was made, though. Wired will be uploading more parts to this series later in the week.


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