An Ode To Splinter Cell's Original Voice Actor

With the release of Splinter Cell: Blacklist today (in at least some parts of the world) I thought it time we look into the horrible fact that Michael Ironside, the man who would not free Willy, is no longer the voice of Sam Fisher.

Will the world crumble due to this fact? We cannot yet possibly tell, but do make sure to watch my video above to get your daily supplement of Michael Ironside.

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    The thing he will most be remembered for? Killing the three-titted whore

    I'm with Giantbomb on this one. He should have been replaced a couple of games ago, he sounded drunk in Conviction.

      Then he did a great job. Sam was a shadow of his former self in Conviction.

    I loved his cameo in Justified.
    His voice was perfect for Sam Fisher.

    This whole thing would've been better handled if they just used a new character for the new voice actor. Sam Fisher was getting old and ready to retire in Conviction- why didn't they just follow that through?? Why alienate fans when the story to replace him was handed to them on a plate??? Sigh...

      i refuse to play the new splinter cell game purely on principle because michael ironside is the only sam fisher in my book. blacklist looks like a cheap ripoff. and not a good cheap ripoff like xena.

    "See you at da pahdy Riktah!"

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