Another GTA V Trailer, More GTA V Trailer Comments

The Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Comments Tumblr is a thing of beauty. It's inspired. When Rockstar releases a new trailer it's hard to know what I look forward to more: the game itself or the inevitable Tumblr updates!

Australian writer Raygun Brown assures me these comments are real and the terrifying thing is: I believe him.

I've chucked a few corkers in this post, but be sure to head to the source for full hilarity. There are a few new humdingers!



    There is no facepalm that accurately describes my disgust right now.

    Please let these be faked comments just for Tumblr, if they are genuine comments then humanity is seriously doomed.

      Not doomed... only imperiled. For now that you know the face of the enemy and have seen the horror of its ways, you are better armed with determination to fight it.

        The problem is; the enemy looks the same as us (minus a few teeth)

    holy shit that tumblr is funny. i didn't think the youtube comments video could be topped

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