Are You Still Playing SimCity?

Games come, and games go. After a time, we lose interest. I've recently been reading up on the latest updates coming to SimCity — for example, in this video, Maxis' Guillaume Pierre demonstrates the new raise/lower roads feature coming in the latest pending game update, Update 7. Where are you all at with this game?

I thought I'd do a reader poll:

If you've bailed, what would it take to get you back? Personally speaking, if they doubled city size in addition to all the other updates they've added, I'd give it another crack. Until then, there's Civ V to be played.


    Never bought it. Never will.

    But I did buy Diablo 3. Suddenly and I don't know why? I'm getting this urge to fire that up and play it. I haven't played it since the first week I got it when it came out...

      id be happy to jump on with you man, let me know... just bought diablo 3 about 3 weeks ago for a fiver ($5) and havent played it yet!

      It's actually really fun now.

        That's what I've heard. Now the servers are working and it's been balanced quite a bit it's meant to be fun. Plus the threat of an expansion :D

          Aren't the servers working now because nobody plays on them anymore?

          That said, I don't mind going back to D3 maybe, they added a few new features since I last played.

            I'd say its more a case of the temp players and such have dropped off. My interest waned because of the lack of quality, the bugs, the crashing servers, the non existant servers... I had TAFE work to do at the time to prepare for Uni and such so it just wasn't a priority. Im in Uni right now but I still have a tiny bit of time for games in the holidays so GTA V will be it with a slight side of D3 possibly.

    I never came on board
    If they offered offline with a "decent" land space, Id give it a crack

      I knew this game would be fishy. The fact land is restricted was probably MORE of a turn off than anything else.

      It is EA, you should be able to pay for more land! Why has EA not done this yet?

    Stopped playing after few weeks it came out. The map size is just too small, once you finished, I can't be bothered starting another city, I want to continue my city. As well as that fact that each of my city saves gets corrupted and loses all my cities I've built.

    I never grabbed it but for a slightly different reason than most - the broken AI. They told us that people would live theirlives and we could follow them. But really they're just tokens that cluster into the first available house every night. Takes all the sim out of sim city.

      THIS - I would get back into it but the AI is just so shocking. Creating a city where commuters can actually get around, fires can be put out, criminals can be apprehended is incredibly tedious. If citizens didn't simply just retire to the first available home at the end of the day. But constant traffic jams and clunky AI just ruined the game for me. No idea why this wasn't a priority fix.

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    Got my copy for free... lost interest after about 2 weeks of playing on and off.

    Got bored without decent sized lots to play on.

    Why buy this when Sim City 4 is so much more? They seem to've gone down the road of 'less is more' with Sim City and adding everything else back in as DLC. I was excited, really excited when the game was first announced and the previews looked fantastic. I'm glad I didn't pre-order and am still glad I haven't paid for it.

    What will get me to play? Larger cities and offline play, but hey, it seems like they're just not listening to their consumers

    Backed off the moment I saw always online.
    Diablo 3 still fresh in the memory, Can't say I regret the decision.

      Always online doesn't worry me as long as the game suits the online requirement. SC did not. Diablo, well that didn't worry me *as* much.

    I was waiting for the game to be sorted out and fixed. Then I just forgot about it.
    Now youve reminded me about it I have realised I dont want to play it anymore.
    Too bad EA. You had your chance at getting my money.

    I still play it every thursday night while I listen to the RT Podcast. the game is still a little buggy but I have gotten used to it, that may be a bad thing. The dlc has been a little pointless because of the size of the maps and the lack of subway are the two biggest issues because they cause those stupid trafic jams. This next patch will hopefully resolve part of my issues with it. I have been playing the franchise since the very first top down game and so fans of the series will still be playing this or simcity 4, which is still a fun game but just looks dated. hopefully someone comes up with a new texture pack. Either way everyone is probably holding out for the major update that will have everything we wanted and missed form the old games. P.S. airships were bull s*&t.

    Built 2 or 3 cities but not much reason to go back, only bigger city maps would bring me back in as that was the only problem I had with the game.

    Never had any probs with the server side of things or A.I. but I only started playing at V 4.0 so avoided the luanch train-wreck.

    According to origin I have spent 40 odd hours on it so I figure I got my $50 worth.

    I did get it, and I didn't mind it at the start. It wasn't booting me off or anything like that. The city sizes were just too small. You felt like you were making progress, then it just finished cause you had no more room. Your only option was to start again in a new area. This is what has stopped me from going back, I would need to start a new city again rather than expanding my city that I have already invested so much time and effort into. I also stupidly got it from the Russian Origin store, so every update I need to do a massive workaround to get it back to English, at the start, these were almost everyday and I know now that I haven't launched it in months This is another factor that means I just hover over the icon and never launch it anymore.

      Why did you get it from the Russian Origin?

        Avoid Australia tax. I did that with BF3 and it's also half the reason I stopped playing that (the other half was Origin itself).

    Got it. played it for a couple of weeks. It still wasnt finished, traffic was broken and city size was way too small. Will go back if they ever change the city size for free. if they make it a DLC then never

    Civ 5 huh?
    I bought Civ 5 during the steam sale. I'm struggling to see how it's fun. The first easy game I set up has taken days to to grind into an age of empires type eroding enemy territory attrition campaign. Is it better than this? Because I haven't found any depth so far....
    Sorry for thread derailment.

      I was exactly the same. It felt like way too much work to get even remotely near anything 'fun.'

    Keen to play again once update 7 comes out.
    Throw together another few cities before I get bored again.

    I stopped playing a while ago when I got bored of the tiny maps and filled a couple of them.

    The only thing which could draw me back would be huge maps. I've gone back to Sim City 4, and with the huge maps you get with it, as well as the bazillion mods, it will be really hard for me to go back the latest iteration. At least tunnels and road elevation control is a good addition which will be really useful IF they increase the map size one day...

    As per most people.. it's the city size limits that have killed it for me and to a much lesser extent the inability to try stuff out with the knowledge of undo'ing it with a save file etc

    After every single one of my (tiny) cities was corrupted server side and could no longer be played I ditched it. Haven't been back since.

    Bought it and then 2 weeks later I moved to a house that has no broadband available. Worst decision ever.

    I am part of the 60%. Wow I feel so popular :) I'm part of a majority, hoorah!

    I bought it, played it a little - liked it, but didn't love it. So many bugs with traffic and stupid people wanting stuff. The fact that it's taken 7 updates to release a feature (bridges and tunnels) that should have been there on release, says a bit about everything. PLUS the DLC is ridiculously over priced.

    I got a free key bundled with my cpu and still haven't used it since its on origin and not something non obtrusive like steam.

    THE best part of any Sim City game I've played in the past is how big you can make your city. Tiny cities? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

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    Just make the lots bigger Maxis then you'll get me playing again.

    I actually found the balance of RCI and traffic to be my biggest turn-off. The fact that the last patch and the next patch appear to address these means I'm definitely going to poke my head in again in the next 2 or 3 months. I would love a larger block, but then, I'm also someone that loves challenges. The broken RCI and traffic was not a challenge, it was a frustration. Working out how to maximize every inch of land was a fun and interesting challenge. Until you got the stupid moving vans, buses and garbage/recycle trucks breaking everything.

    However, bridges/underpasses. Terraforming. All coming along in coming patches (confirmed). We need 1 way streets and we'd be set. (Oh and larger blocks would allow for some more 'funtime sloppy play')

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