Australian Uses eBay To Resell EA's Charitable Humble Bundle At A Profit -- UPDATED

The EA Humble Bundle isn't just a great deal for gamers, with multiple great titles being offered a reasonable price, it's also a great gesture by EA itself. Most Humble Bundles send a percentage of profits to various charities and allow users to choose how much goes where, but with EA's bundle each and every cent of revenue goes to charity. This is what makes the acts of eBay user jazz_singh.88 all the more problematic.

Because in this eBay auction Australian user jazz_singh.88 is selling the Origin keys from the games in the Humble Bundle to unknowing consumers for a flat $10 fee, presumably buying multiple copies of the bundle at close to the average asking price in the humble bundle (currently $4.82) and taking the profit for himself.

"For Sale is a huge origin bundle," reads the auction. "This Offer is for a limited time only so get buying!!!"

The auction then goes on to list Battlefield 3, Medal Of Honor, Dead Space 3, Dead Space, Burnout Paradise, Crysis 2, Mirrors Edge and The Sims 3 as games available in this "Origin Bundle".

The Humble Bundle is essentially a 'pay what you want' service. Consumers are able to go directly to the Humble Bundle site, pay what they want and receive all the games in the bundle. It's a site that runs on good faith, and encourages users to pay more than the average payment to receive extra games. EA's Humble Bundle was interesting specifically because EA is donating all of its revenue from the bundle to charity, which means that jazz_singh.88 is essentially taking money directly from these charities by attempting to make a profit on what is, essentially, a gesture of goodwill.

We sent off a direct email to jazz_singh.88 questioning his motives for the auction, but have yet to receive a response. One Kotaku reader, however, did manage to get a response earlier today and was told to "mind his own business" if he "wasn't interested in buying".

EA's Humble Bundle has, at time of writing raised almost $7 million for charities such as the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. This auction is essentially taking potential funds directly from those charities.

We also contacted eBay Australia for an official response. We'll update as soon as we hear back.

UPDATE: eBay has now removed the auction, and sent us the following statement.

The listing in question has been taken down because it was in breach of the Digitally Delivered Goods policy. The policy exists to protect both buyers and sellers as there is no way for eBay to track digital delivery of goods.

The resale of items purchased from charities is allowed on eBay. But we do reserve the right to make judgement calls about them – for example we would hope that our members would not knowingly divert funds away from charities, and we wouldn’t allow listings that somehow suggest that the item for sale is still of benefit to a charity. We have taken many of those types of listings down in the past and will continue to do so moving forward.

Thanks Garth


    jazz_singh, clearly not Australian, just another freeloader...

      So what constitutes an Australian name to you then?

      There are millions of Aussies with names from all different cultures that are born and bred and just as Australian as you supposedly are. Get your blinkers off.

      Bit racist this isn't it?

      OK, Nationalistic for the pedantics amongst us.

      Last edited 19/08/13 5:26 pm

      That's ok, sounds like a spam site, freeloading off the naivete of people who aren't as savvy about technology.

    This one makes me laugh. Guys asks a question on item page and the selling just posts all the codes for everyone to see

    Also, if you check the top contributors for the bundle, you'll see they've paid over $2000 for it...I doubt they only got one set of keys for that price...

      No you only get one set of keys per purchase. They could just buy lots of sets (although they may need tons of emails) but they either do it to get their name (and advertize) on the top donators or just because they want to.

      As in, that $2000 was not from one single transaction, but many?

    Should it be concerning that the top contributor for that Humble Bundle deal is an online shop that sells game keys?

      I couldn't find vanilla BF3 on their site though, maybe they're waiting till the bundle is over to start selling them.

    Human decency is something we all have regardless of our country of birth/origin or residence. So labels like Australian annoy me to be frank and maybe worse of all, the reaction seems to be only warranted when charity is involved, like I guess that's where our lines are drawn right?

    Think about it, what if EA took 100% of the profits? Reactions? Similar situation to people who bought 20-50 copies of Just Cause during the bug and now make huge profits to unsuspecting individuals on steam.

    This person is probably being spammed with hate right now and how Australian is that if we want to label things now. If it was me, I'd report it, hope it gets taken down, similar to the many steam discussion boards that try to scam/profit from this and other bundles.

    If you're going to name and shame in public hence police it, do it for all. I just can't drag my feet along with the bashing here, it feels wrong to do it.

      How Australian is it to be spammed by hate?

      Very Australian.

      It's the typical way.

      Why stop to consider things properly and adequately when it's much more satisfying to resort to the simplest conclusions that others have already declared.

      Why attempt to be respectful or reasonable when it's the majority won't mind if we all jump on in an orgasm of derision.

      Aussies have the right to hate. An obligation to hate. Especially outsiders.

      It's not just Aussies, by the way, but they are rather good at it.

    I had a rant prepared, but I am just too sad. I wish more people had that unwritten 'line in the sand' they didn't cross. Steal from the wealthy, do violence to someone who was asking for it, whatever, they're bad things but I can understand them. But exploiting charity?

    I have many sads.

      I'm certainly not defending the person (he's a dick), but technically the charity still gets the money. So no harm done in that regard. Because chances are (going by the average a person paid) people would have only paid $5 odd anyway.

      Since he's advertising BF3 too, it means he'd have to have paid at least $4.80 for the bundle. Thus the charity will get at least that.

        Yeah. He's not stealing from the charity directly, he's stealing from people who would've given to charity.

        Except maybe they wouldn't have, because they went to Ebay instead of Humble. So basically he's 'stealing' from people who would rather pay more than give to charity. Which I feel less bad about.

        Although if it's just because they're ignorant, then that's kinda sad, but you can't really help that. Certainly not if it's turning up on google searches or while they were browsing ebay for other things, and they've missed traffic that could've pointed them to the humble bundle...

        I AM CONFLICTED. But not so much on the point of the guy being a dick. That's simple enough.

      I don't see that a charity has been exploited, or denied, or in any way affected, other than having benefited from a purchase being made - whether that was for personal use or for on-selling.

      All that's happened is that someone bought something from location A, and sold to someone else at a profit at location B. This is how capitalism and the retail world works, is it not.

      The only negative in this situation, as far as I can see, is that the terms and conditions were broken. Hardly crime of the century.

    As bad as this one is, there is another listing from the USA whose selling it for $10 and shipping cost of $28 on top for a digital key.

      Well, when you put it like that, this guy is an angel in comparison! :P

      Yeah, they don't pay ebay fees on the shipping.

      It's a fair bit of effort for this guy when, after ebay fees, he's only making the equivalent of a large latte per transaction. Must be a TF2 trader ;)

    With all the fee's eBay and PayPal charge he'd be lucky to make $1 profit.

    Lots of confusion between intention and outcome here.
    He's clearly not selling to people that know about the humble bundle.
    Say he sells 10 copies.
    His cost is $4.80
    Buyers cost is $10.00
    Jazz gets $52.00
    10 gamers get a bundle of games for $10 and are happy.
    Charity gets $48.00 it would not have otherwise received.
    It's not a bad outcome. The guy is acting in self interest but the outcome is good for all parties.
    Now the listing has been removed. Thus removing money from the charity. That's not a good outcome but everybody is happy?

    this is essentially what capitalism is ...

    Brilliant, we expect a bit of global sympathy for our R18+ predicaments. We consistently get games that are refused classification that have not been banned in any other western countries. But then, one of our own abuses, and slaps in the face, a company doing a wonderful thing for gamers globally.

    Please here me world: 'We are not all like this in Australia!!!!'

    Shame on you jazz_singh.88

      Hear hear! We Aussies are not like this!!
      We get enough flak as Aussies for our ridiculous classification fiasco's, we don't need Aussie Gamers being all lumped into the same sump pit this guy obviously crawled out of.

    buying something and selling it at a profit is like the bedrock of capitalism...

    oh yeah that's exactly why i hate it

      Hate it or not, that's your prerogative, but let's not forget that that's the system that every business and person within this country operates in,

    Looking at his feedback history, this doesn't look like the first time he's sold off unused keys from the humble bundle/weekly sale for a profit either.

    I really don't have a problem with this. I mean, it's amazingly scummy, but i'm not feeling the outrage. EA still got their $4.80 which went to charity. That's a good thing. So he decided to onsell. Meh.

    I personally gave away all the cd keys that I didn't want. I only wanted Dead Space 3. But yeah, not feeling the outrage. Noone's getting ripped off here. Charity getting the money. Buyer's doing what he wants with HIS cd keys. What's the issue?

    He's put the listing back up... Which now says "All proceedings are for charity"

    Last edited 19/08/13 6:47 pm

    There were three sellers doing this, last I checked eBay.

      Did the others have more traditionally sounding Australian names?

        Not that I recall. They seemed to be accounts made for the purpose of selling the bundle, but had the keys split up into separate auctions.

    All i see is "EA" followed buy the words "Ebay" and i emedietly think the words "illegal scam"

    Yeah, this scumbag's relisted the same item.

    Report the item guys.

    Generally speaking, if you buy something at a charity auction, an op shop, or anywhere else where part or all of the proceeds of the sale go to charity, you are free to do what you like with those items even if it involves turning a profit on their resale. Ask the Red Cross what CSL does with the blood plasma that people donate.

    In this case, the charity is not really missing out as far as I can see, and may actually be earning more than they might of without this person's actions.

    Whilst its not something I would personally consider doing and may look dodgy, its not a lot different to selling a signed cricket bat you bought at a charity auction for profit. I also see it as being different to ticket scalping as its not a finite product. It is preying somewhat on a buyer's lack of awareness but then this is true for so many items that are bought and sold for profit.

    However, the main issue as I see it is it goes against the terms and conditions of the Humble Bundle. YOU CANNOT RESELL, so basically this seller is in the wrong even if he has relisted and stated proceeds are going to charity.

    I think there are much bigger fish to worry about before crucifying this guy.

    SO Un-Australian. This guy should be ashamed of himself. It's for charity!! CHARITY! wth dude =/

      In my eyes he did nothing wrong. Maybe besides breaking the ToS which hardly is a big deal. He is just reselling merchandise that he recieved after he donated to charity.

      If anything we should thank guys like these. Btw does anyone know why kotaku targeted this guy instead of others who were doing the same thing except they were selling for a higher price. Why is this guy reciving all the hate?

    Hey, just found another person trying to sell the humble bundle origin pack!

    get him kotaku!

    I've worked for charities myself, and they contract out the revenue from the fundraising to private companies (I'm speaking of telesales and those people in the shopping centre). The charities then keep a percentage of the revenue raised after the private contractor has pocketed their share. It's quite lucrative as evident by the plethora of BMWs the business owners were driving. What this guy is doing isn't so different to that.

    Checked the policy, and I understand why. He did not actually own the games, so he did not have the right to sell them. It's one thing to buy up a bunch of $5 bundles and then resell them after the promotion is over. It's a whole other thing to try and rip off the sale before it is done.

    And the charity thing has nothing to do with it. EA's just doing that for good PR (Og knows they need it) and to get people using Origin.

      Dont forget that some of those steam keys also allow for getting a cd key which will also activate on origin. More keys to exploit.

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