Awesome Paperboy Homage Combines A Real Bike, Oculus Rift And Kinect

Remember the handlebar controllers on the Paperboy arcade machines? You really felt like you were controlling that cartoony bike on the screen, right? Well, what if you had a whole bike that you had to pedal to play an updated version of that classic game? It’d basically look like PaperDude VR.

PaperDude VR — the creation of digital design shop Globacore — uses a Kickr bike sensor to send data about speed to an iPad running the app and a Kinect picks up the player’s throwing motions. It’s not quite as hard as the original Paperboy but looks like it’d be a very fun workout. This probably won’t ever be a commercial product but I’d love to try it out.

PaperDude VR [BuzzFeed via Techland]


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