PS4 Controllers Also Come In Red And Blue

Awesome, PS4 Controllers Also Come In Red and Blue

Black? Boring. Check out these colour variations of the DualShock 4 controller; up above we've got red, and below, blue. Or, well, technically, they're Magma Red and Wave Blue. Same thing!

According to a Sony press release, they'll become available in North America later this year for $US59, and in Europe for €59.

Here's the blue one:

Awesome, PS4 Controllers Also Come In Red and Blue

So. What colour will you go with?


    They are not very attractive, but then again, Gamecube controllers weren't attractive either, and I swear those things were forged out of plastic and your most pleasant dreams.

    I just really like the Gamecube okay.

    Damn they are ugly. I mean if you are going to do this, do it right. Like change the buttons, sticks and at least attempt to make it all tie in together. This is clearly just a case replacement and just looks lazy. good to have choice but would have preferred if they actually spent any time on this design.

      I wished they switched the d-pad and the left analog stick, to be honest. The dualshock isn't really a good design full stop.

        That will never happen, Sony will feel like they're copying their competition (M$oft) but oh well, I stopped playing playstation after PS2. -Is now a Xbox Convert-

        Really? It's d-pad is WAAAAY better than the MS version.

        Heresy! I've never been able to get used to the offset sticks on the xbox controller. It's fine for games where you use the face buttons more than the right stick (indie games, platformers), but for the majority of first and third person games it feels strange. Just my personal opinion, of course.

        Having it the XBOX way is just confusing. I can't think of any legitimate reason to do it that way.

          You know what they should do?

      For those downvoting ( and this comes from someone with full intent to follow Sony into the next gen ), these ARE ugly. They are just a colour change on the casing.

      I think I'll stick to the black ones.

        I think if the WHOLE casing was changed? Not just the top half of the casing as indicated by the fact the bottom part is still black, it wouldn't look *as* ugly. As it stands, yeah, ugly...

        Still getting me a ps4 though :D

    ew. They look cheap and tacky. The black controllers look WAY better

    Not really a massive fan of these colours. But it's getting to the point now that anything's better than black.

    I always find they choose such strange colours for controllers and consoles (Wii). They are always such bright, overly-vibrant colours. It'd be nice if they deviated from rudimentary palettes and chose slightly more creative colours or something that would work with a variety of decors.

    How can I be the only one thinking these look sick??

      I like the red one, does that count? :)

      How can I be the only one thinking these look like i'm staring at a womans chest

      Sick as in horrible... yes i agree.

      I quite like them but i am a sucker for anything Red wonder if i can swap my 2nd controller i preordered for one of these.

    They could have used a darker navy or deep crimson, and fixed some of the black elements. The two tone scheme is just... blech.

    I love them personally, would love a second controller in a different colour. Leaning more towards the blue.

    They look better in the official pics:

      Everything looks better in official promos.

      I've never got a burger that looks like the ones in the promos ever.

        I saw a big poster for a burger at McD's once where it was obvious that the top and bottom halves of the burger were photoshopped together.

    I'll probably buy a red one when I want a 2nd controller.

    Doesn't matter the color it is as long it does it job.

    If you are still looking at your controller then there is an issue. Kind of like the kid who still has to look at the strings while playing guitar ;)
    It has to be about the feel. Black is probably better as even with good care I can see both of these being slightly brown after a year+

    Last edited 21/08/13 8:46 pm

    I am really going to show my age here but it reminds me of the old Nokia 5110 that you would get a second faceplate for in some ridiculous colour.

    That blue one is looking sexy. I'll be ordering one of these for sure.

    Maybe if someone gave me a free one? -Black will be fine thanks.

    love it... blue one for me... screw the haters

    It would look better if they did 2 things

    1 - made the colour go all the round the controller (front and back)
    2 - have the touchpad match the colour

    But out of the 2 colours shown - the blue looks better and If Sony don't do their controller to what I mentioned then I would get the blue one and have that as my main controller (and the black ones for everyone else)...

    I remember people were clamering for the white dual shock 3 going so far as getting the Cheap Chinese Knock Off version of it. A wonder what a what DS4 would look like

    Jesus, Sony. You can't make a pretty console or a pretty controller for the next gen, can you :(

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