Bam! Pow! It's A Dramatic New Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

Among the many exciting bits in this new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer: Alfred (I think?) dressing down a young Bruce Wayne, the Caped Crusader's first encounter with Future-Commissioner Gordon, and a heck of a lot of punching.

Also, while we've all griped about the changes in the voice cast, I gotta say that Troy Baker is sounding great as The Joker, and more welcomely, Roger Craig Smith is sounding mighty Batman-ish.


    Think this will get a next gen release??

      Well there doing a pc version that is X86 DX11 with (if anything like Arkham city) high quality art assets, so I would say a XB1 port would be a no brainer and cheap to produce.

      I would expect that this and GTAV will both be released on the new systems, maybe down the road with included dlc but they will come, as will any high profile multi-format release between now and the new systems luanch.

      And remember Arkham City got a enhanced Wii-U version a full year after the other versions.

    Eh....Baker is good, but that certainly was no Hamill. Still, just one line, and as I've got no expectations about this one at all, I'm ready to be nicely surprised.

    Agreed. The voice acting is at a level I am incredibly satisfied with. As a long term viewer of the original Batman Animated series I will always have a soft spot for the original actors but I think this sounds (and looks) excellent.

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