Batman And Superman Times Two And Two Kinds Of F****d-Up Time Travel

Did you know that Kotaku bossman Stephen Totilo has magic hands? As in hands trained in the arts of prestidigitation. I didn't. These are the things you'll find out watching he and I talk about Batman/Superman #2, and other comics that have come out recently, as well as some that are out this week.

Here's the rundown of comics discussed this episode:

What have you read that's tickled your fancy? What are you looking forward to? Can anyone help us pronounce these creators' names? Chime in the comments below!


    the new batman/superman is looking incredibly promising, im loving the art direction and what i know of the story from 2 issues.

    Have you guys thought about doing this as a regular podcast or vidcast? I'd be down to watch or listen to this every week.

    Going to try out X-Men Legacy after this and last week's glowing recommendations.

    I wonder how Trillium's flipbook "gimmick" will work digitally? Do I need to flip my tablet, too?

    And just about the get The Bunker #1 as well. Just need to decide if I should get the PDF or the Comixology version...

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