Be A Jerk Immigration Inspector In Papers, Please

Have you ever dreamt of being an immigration inspector? Yeah, me too! Well now, thanks to Papers, Please we can enact on that collective dream we've all had for so long. Why not learn more about the great country of Arstotzka while getting a big dose of polka music by watching the video I very kindly created above.

Papers, Please is out today on Steam, GOG and The Humble Store.

Music: Manic Polka, Return of Lazarus - Kevin MacLeod (


    I would have thought in a game like this dragons would be mandatory.

    Does anybody know if there are any plans for a mobile version? This seems like something that could actually work on a touchscreen.

      From the faq:

      Will there be an iOS/Android version?
      Maybe. I'm focusing on the desktop versions now though so it's not a high priority. I doubt there will ever be a phone port of the game; the most I'm hoping for is tablets.

    That was an incredibly hard title to decipher.

      I've said all along they should be using sentence casing for their headlines, to avoid problems like this.

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