Biggest Fear For Season 2 Of The Legend Of Korra: So Much This

Biggest Fear For Season 2 Of The Legend Of Korra: So Much This

Biggest fear for Season 2 of The Legend of Korra: so much this. Probably not unreasonable either, given that in interviews, the writers highlighted Mako and Korra’s relationship as a point of tension in the upcoming season. (GIF via avataraang)


  • I’m used to Kotaku’s Tweet-length posts but is this for fucking real? Not even an external link to an opinion piece? A single Tumblr GIF? #gamesjournalism.

  • Agreed!

    Most annoying part, not subtle like Aang and Katara. That was one of the reasons book 3 was my least favourite (overall, but it still had a lot of great episodes), the way it handled it was bad writing IMO.

    Too forced from my perspective.

  • As long as they keep the flow moving I’m fine with it. There’s nothing worse than episodes that don’t actually add to the story.

  • Yea i kinda like how Aang and Katara didn’t get together to the very end of the last episode of the series but there is a bit to much drama/romance in Avatar: The legend of Korra. They should tone down the romance a little bit and i want them to show us who Toph married and who Zuko married and what happened with Sakka and Suki but they might actually explain that in the comic novels because so far they haven’t said a word about Sakka and Suki breaking up or anything 😛 So i think it will be interesting because man the comics are still really awesome!!! And they still have the strong story going with the comics i think they just should have made the comics episodes and continued on with the comics as episodes instead of making Legend of Korra.

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