Black Annex And Zafehouse Diaries Gets Greenlit On Steam Along With 98 Other Games

Today Steam announced it was greenlighting 100 indie games, making them available on the Steam service. Among those games is Black Annex, the Australian made game built using QBASIC and Zafehouse Diaries, which was designed by Kotaku's Weekend Editor Logan Booker. Congratulations to both!

You can read the entire list of Greenlit games here.

Other Australian games Greenlit were InFlux by Impromptu Games and Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game

Black Annex is a Syndicate-style isometric effort about

We've written fairly extensively about both games. You can read our profile of Black Annex creator Lance E. MacDonald here. This piece is also interesting: Logan Booker and Lance caught up at PAX Australia and found they had a lot in common. They have one more thing in common now!

Congratulations to everyone who was greenlit.


    Black Annex is a Syndicate-style isometric effort about
    I think you accidentally
    Or is talking about Black Annex like talking about Candle Ja-

    Seriously though. Congratulations to both developers. Australia's AAA studios may be mostly gone, but it's great to know we have a thriving indie community.

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    Congrats hope they do well. Allthough there is plenty more Australian games that need support on Green-light, like Particulars and Sokobond. Both which you can buy now and both are really good games.

    Got a taste of Black Annexe at PAX and was coincidentally just poking at their promo card/postcard thoughtfully this weekend, thinking about purchasing directly from them. Now I might be able to get a Steam key! (It's still always a good idea to purchase directly where you can, especially if they offer you a Steam key anyway, such as Gunpoint did. Moar money direct to dev.)

    I played Black Annex and inFlux both at PAX Aus. Both are worth your time. Still, Good Game kinda hit the nail on the head with inFlux - its a great idea and its fun, but theres no personality and it's over kind of quick.

    About bloody time, Zafehouse Diaries has been sitting in purgatory forever. Congratulations, Logan and friends.

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