Borderlands 2 Coming To Vita Next Year

Borderlands 2 Coming To Vita Next Year

Gearbox's hybrid RPG-shooter is making a portable appearance on the PlayStation Vita, Sony announced today at their GamesCom conference. Borderlands 2 will be published by Sony for Vita and out in 2014.


    Remember the last UE3 downport to vita Mortal Kombat? Be careful what you wish for.

      Yeah... your point...?

      I own both the PS3 and PSVita versions of MK - the vita version is brilliant
      Do tell me what exactly is wrong with it?

        Massive reductions to textures, geometry, lighting, post process filters may be acceptable to you but not to me.


          It's a handheld. What the hell did you expect?

            I would expect to not release it in the first place if such massive comprimises had to be made. Are you going to pay retail if the Borderlands 2 effort is something similar?

              No I'm not as I don't really play on handhelds.

          That screenshot is blown up to considerably larger size than the Vita's actual screen...

            960*544 thats the resolution of the Vita, that's a vita screenshot

              Yes and now shrink it down to 5" and look at it. U dont plug your vita into your tv or monitor to play


          Vita had six buttons - enough to play the game with
          Vita has a control stick and d-pad - perfect for the game
          Vita had some touch screen elements that were a bit of un
          Vita added 150 new missions to play
          Vita had everything the PS3 version had, and more than what the X360 version had

          Oh and it played like the same MK game on the PS3

          Sorry, I didnt realise I WASNT supposed to enjoy the game because it was missing a lighting source here or one less guy walking around in the background

          it must be sad that the actual game is not enough for you, that you need a million bells-and-whistle to even remotely enjoy a game

          I'm guessing you probably based purchasing decisions of PS3/X360 games from those Digital Foundary comparision videos too, right? If not, I apologise

            You know I'm only responsible for the things I say not the things you imagine so if you could point out where I said you couldn't enjoy the game I would appreciate it.

            The additions to the vita version are commendable but I don't think they outweigh the technical limitations but apparently that how digital foundry elitists think and is 'wrong' I guess?

              Got a reading problem. I never said you said I couldn't enjoy, I said it seems you can't enjoy it without bells and whistles.

              One thing I am taking away from this is that you haven't actually played MK on the Vita, but you seem to be basing your opinion on a screenshot. As another person said it runs at 60fps and is smooth as butter

          MK on Vita also runs at 60 frames per second. Any sacrifices to make that happen were worth it in my book. Gameplay over visuals.
          Vita has many quality fighting games (Street Fighter Vs Tekken, Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Dead or Alive 5, Playstation All-Stars, BlazBlue) and MK has the highest Metacritic rating of all of them.

    Shutup! It will be good! (hopefully)

    Though I will be interested to see if it will include all the DLC, or at least be backwards compatible cross-buy, the fact that Sony are the ones publishing it gives me some hope on the latter!

      I'd love to be proven wrong but we'll see how this turns out. As we all know vita game announcements Sony make at trade shows where all you get is a game logo always turn out amazingly well ;)

        Yeah I have portable Borderlands 2 in higher res than that, my NetBook wth Xbox360 controller and 2gb video card plays it muuuuch better and my vita can still collect dust for me :) probably still has fifa stuck inside it

    Good to see some more titles being released for the Vita, I think it's actually a pretty good system.

    This was the big reveal?! I hope its cros buy at least -.-

    This is the first decent reason I've seen to buy a Vita, provided they don't screw up the port. I love me some Borderlands.

    Got Borderlands 2 for Mac and was disappointed. It ran more slowly and looked worse then Borderlands 1, plus it was far more linear and the difficulty level was ridiculous for single player as the developer had focused on multiplayer.
    But I liked the first one so much I hope they fix these issues so I can get it for my Vita.

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