Breaking Bad’s Lead Actor Talks About Cosplaying As His Own Character

Last week, we all took notice of Bryan Cranston’s time at Comic-Con: the man behind Breaking Bad’s meth-making Walter White went around the convention wearing a mask of…well, Walter White. And on David Letterman last night, Cranston talked about what that whole experience was like.

The reasons why he would do this are obvious: he’d get mobbed on the floor if he just went out “normally”. But he also mentions how he got the idea to cosplay as Walter White, and how he had to take extra steps to make sure people didn’t recognise him — like taking up a Michael Jackson-like voice. Funny and well-played, good sir.


  • That was cool. Many actors could get getaway with attending cons wearing costumes a mingle with the crowds. Matt Smith wore a Bart Simpson costume. Should happen more often

    • I heard once Vin Diesel used to love going to Comicons on both coasts, he went a few times undisguised and got absolutely mobbed, he started dressing up but word got out he was there anyhow, so I dont know if he goes any more or not?

      • I’d love to see him go in a Gears of War costume as one of the Carmines, but I guess if word was getting out he’d have to go as something that’d blend in better. Stormtrooper or Slave Leia.

        • Hah!!!

          You know what? Id love to see him cosplay as the Iron Giant. The moment he does that voice through a synthesiser people who know, are going to lose their freakin’ minds…

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