Breaking Bad’s Stoned Star Trek Script, Brought To Life

Breaking Bad’s Stoned Star Trek Script, Brought To Life

The Breaking Bad premiere was pretty great across the board, but one scene in particular stood out. That scene, of course, being Badger’s bananas Star Trek script, which involved a bored Enterprise crew holding a pie-eating contest… that goes horribly wrong.

Vulture has, amazingly enough, already created an animated version of Badger’s script:

Ha! THey report that the entire monologue is based on a concept that Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan has been throwing around the writing room for as long as the other writers can remember. Not the first time Jesse’s wastrel friends have demonstrated their geek cred, and hopefully not the last.

(Though last night sure was a reminder that we’re entering the home stretch, which means we’re going to start seeing a lot of “last”s. Shit is getting real.)

Hope everyone’s doing well, and is ready to have a good week. Personally, I can’t believe it’s almost midway through August. Talk Breaking, bad, games, or anything else, here or at TAY. And if you do talk about the big moments in last night’s Breaking Bad (and I hope that you will), please use spoiler tags.

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  • Not that I’d expect Kotaku US to care, but damn put a spoiler alert on for those who haven’t seen it

    @weresmurf and @evilmonkey, I’ve already seen it, it was for others who haven’t. Go find someone else to tell off.

    • To be fair… it was titled:

      “Breaking Bad’s Stoned Star Trek Script, Brought To Life”

      When you click on something labelled that, it’s CLEARLY spoiler filled. Not to forget, you had to click on the video to activate it, furthering your interaction with it. Sorry but personal responsibility has to be taken at some point, this shits getting ridiculous.

      • Agreed. If you read the title of an article that has something to do with a part of a TV show/game/movie that you’re not up to yet, then it’s pretty clear that it would contain spoilers and you shouldn’t risk reading any of it.

        I have not read the article or watched the video as I’m only about two thirds of the way through season 2 at the moment. I’m hoping to finish off season two tonight and start watching season 3 tomorrow night.

      • I’ve already watched it, I wasn’t complaining about having it spoiled for myself, but others.

        • Well, that’s precisely their point. others would be wise not to click a link when the title suggests there’s a good chance they’ll encounter a few spoilers. I’m all for placing a spoiler alert when you’re going to suddenly sprout some pretty hefty information unexpectedly, but there’s a point where you’ve got to take responsibility and be smart about avoiding spoilers yourself. Especially when the article is titled as such.

    • Planky, well, we were going to leave it there, you know, maturely. Because that’s how it all should’ve ended. With that. But that last edit you put there was entirely unnecessary, so let me add one of my own:

      Blow it out your ass.

    • I also came to say “thank’s for the spoiler kotaku” you asshole… so have an upvote mate 😀
      (also pointing out you don’t need to open the article to be exposed to said spoiler)

      • So what would you suggest, they title it *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER BREAKING BAD SPOILER SPOILER* and have no clue as to what it is?

        The title really gave nothing away, just a hint at what it was, it’s a massive overreaction on one, to come in guns blazing swearing at them, two to go off at them when you’ve made the choice to click it because *yes* the spoilage comes when you watch the actual video. Again, people are gonna have to start taking a tiny bit of personal responsibility with situations like this where it’s not in the text but actually in a video you have to click, it’s one thing when it’s all in the text, but another in an actual video you have to interact with.

        • I suggest they label it spoiler, yes, because that is what it contains. Quite black and white really.
          Underneath the article title they describe the scene from the premiere on the title page, nothing to do with clicking on the article or even the video for that matter.
          There’s a spoiler, I don’t understand why you think that it is the reader’s responsibility to know that.

          • Yet you had to click the article to actually get in to see the content… personal accountability and responsibility seems to account for shit these days.

            And to be fair, there weren’t any real spoilers of worth, you’re being oversensitive.

          • Like I said (twice now), one does not have to click the article to be exposed to the spoiler.
            Spoiler of worth or being oversensitive has no relevance, the spoiler is there.

  • On the subject of spoilers, all this really shows is that Badger and Skinny Pete talk.
    You don’t know if it’s a flashback and THEY WERE KILLED IN THE CROSSFIRE or what.

    • I personally hated when Tucos third cousin sliced Skinny Petes throat and doused Badger in gas infront of Jesse… :O

      • And right after Badger had just told a rather entertaining story. All I saw was the fire in Tuco’s third cousin’s eyes… Clearly he wasn’t fond of Star Trek, or perhaps he was and didn’t like Badger’s narrative approach. Either way, I wasn’t expecting it.

        • Their funeral next week and the procession of meth heads who carry their coffins, then snort crack off the lid as it’s lowered into the ground, tumbling one after the other into the hole as their ‘rock’ drops below ground level should be full of lolz…

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