Breaking Bad’s Stoned Star Trek Script, Brought To Life

Breaking Bad’s Stoned Star Trek Script, Brought To Life

The Breaking Bad premiere was pretty great across the board, but one scene in particular stood out.
That scene, of course, being Badger’s bananas Star Trek script, which involved a bored Enterprise crew holding a pie-eating contest… that goes horribly wrong.

Vulture has, amazingly enough, already created an animated version of Badger’s script:

Ha! THey report that the entire monologue is based on a concept that Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan has been throwing around the writing room for as long as the other writers can remember. Not the first time Jesse’s wastrel friends have demonstrated their geek cred, and hopefully not the last.

(Though last night sure was a reminder that we’re entering the home stretch, which means we’re going to start seeing a lot of “last”s. Shit is getting real.)

Hope everyone’s doing well, and is ready to have a good week. Personally, I can’t believe it’s almost midway through August. Talk Breaking, bad, games, or anything else, here or at TAY. And if you do talk about the big moments in last night’s Breaking Bad (and I hope that you will), please use spoiler tags.

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