Call Of Duty: Ghosts Features Female Soldiers In Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Ghosts Features Female Soldiers in Multiplayer

At the big multiplayer event for Call of Duty: Ghosts underway right now, the mode's hype reel closed out with a close-up shot of a female character, which would be a first for the franchise.

Women have not been featured in multiplayer before, but one was playable in the campaign of Call of Duty: Finest Hour, released in 2004.


    so all thats new in ghosts is that its got bitches and more bitches?

      Developer 1: "I don't know why we didn't do this before!"
      Developer 2: "..."
      Developer 1: "Oh, right, our player base."

    Do people really care? It's not really going to change anything. I assume all the models will be the same for guys and girls so there will be no advantage to one for hit detection.

      They're recognising women in the service. This is a step forward for women who really aren't even a minority in gaming. Some places it parity others men are the minority. It is a bit disturbing that you cannot see the obvious significance of this..

        Sorry Archfiend, but no one cares.

          The girls that play the game probably do. Hell, there's probably some guys that prefer to play as girls (like in many other games) too.

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        Shame it's a terrible series and is probably going to start winding down now considering that it hasn't had as much success lately.

    Surprised it took them this long, but good on them for finally getting to it.

    T-bagging just became fun again.

      Congrats, you're showing the industry you don't like women in your hobby.

    More groundbreaking blandness from the Call of Duty franchise. Gimmick.

      Don't you think it's a bit weird that you think being able to actually play as both genders is a gimmick and not a feature that should have been there in the first place? World War 2 CoD's excepted, for obvious reasons.

      I know for a fact my Girlfriend will probably buy Ghosts based on this fact alone: She will avoid playing games she otherwise likes when she does not have a choice to play a female character.

        Yes, yes I do. It's the fact that they're promoting it as a new 'feature' that makes it a gimmick. I don't agree with the premise, but disagree with how they go about it.
        It's yet another tacked on addition from lazy programmers and game designers trying to find more of a fanbase in a gender they have previously ignored completely.

    Look at the details and animation on her face. So life like -_-

      Emphasis on the mascara, because all women in the field take time to touch up their face.

    Her eyelashes are stuck to her brows. Looks creepy.

    They are so getting raped in POW camps.

      You should be banned for that comment. It also might surprise you to know that male soldiers engaged in fighting with an unconventional opponent (ie. one who doesn't care about the Geneva convention) are very likely to be sexually assaulted if captured.

    Jesus Christ these comments.

    Hooray for women and equality, but I still wouldn't touch the game with a 10 foot clown pole.

      these comments are a pretty good reason not to play CoD.

    lol have never seen so many down voted in a post in a while lol !

    Based on the comments so far, it wouldn't surprise me if a fair portion of female gamers didn't use the new avatar, because quite frankly, it's like a dickhead magnet.

    After killing someone:
    "You f#%^#@%$ whore, slut bitch, I'm gonna rape you in th <You have muted KillBoy91> <You have killed KillBoy91 with a Care Package>

    Joining a game:
    Oh god, we've got bitches on our team, we're so screwed, kick them off the te.. <Your team has won the round>

    Lying down to take a shot
    ""Teabag her, rape her in the ass, teh gangbang"

    Standing still for more than 3 seconds
    Hey sexy, nice ass, want to cyber? No ? Well, fuck you ,you fucking fuck, suck my dick, hope you die of AIDS.

    When I see the amount of impotent rage and hate spewing out from males, not during the game, but in a forum post, it makes me wonder if we're even part of the same species, let alone gender.

    One thing is for sure, you talk to my daughter like that in real life, I will teabag you. With a hammer.

    Last edited 15/08/13 4:53 pm

      I can see your points, but learning to use the mute function on xbl (and similar) is critical in "having a good time". Its so much easier than trying to explain to Mexicans that they have left their kinect mic on right next to their hi-fis speaker playing whatever it is that they are listening to. Or explaining gender equality to bigots.

      That said as a 29 yo male I use female avatars wherever possible (in game). I get a little hate ever now and again. I just tell them Id rather look at a fake females butt than a fake males butt... Don'treallyknowwhereIwasgoingwiththispostingitanyway!

    While I think that's damn good... Why is she wearing eye makeup?!? She looks like a soldier so there's no intended glamification there - but still.. Pretty dumb.

    I might actually play the game now.. though probably not as i don't have internet where my consoles are located

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