Calvin & Hobbes Creator's Life Lessons Become Beautiful New Comic

Calvin & Hobbes Creator's Life Lessons Become Beautiful New Comic

Not a day goes by that I don't somehow, consciously or subconsciously, live out a lesson I learned from Calvin & Hobbes. I sense I'm not alone in this.

As much as I'd have loved it if comic-creator Bill Watterson had kept working forever, there's something bittersweet about the fact that Calvin & Hobbes is no more. While Calvin and his pet tiger may never go on a new adventure, we can continue to learn lessons from Watterson and his creations, as evidenced by this new comic by Zen Pencils artist Gavin Aung Than.

The comic below is Than's rendition of an excerpt from Bill Watterson's 1990 speech at Kenyon College (site of David Foster Wallace's famous "This Is Water" speech, as it happens). It is just lovely. Read it, and prepare to feel emotions.

Calvin & Hobbes Creator's Life Lessons Become Beautiful New Comic

Hug the stuffed tiger in your life, and let's go exploring.

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    Whenever I think of Calvin & Hobbes, I think of this:

      And now I will too. It's something I should think of when my son wants my attention while I'm trying to work.

      As a long time Calvin and Hobbes fan, that maybe the the saddest comic I have ever read.

    It's amazing how timeless Calvin and Hobbes is. I still get a good laugh reading the comics. Definitely the best comic strip ever.

    I absolutely love Calvin and Hobbes and Bill Watterson. They were among the head scratchers of the newspaper comics, yet they were strangely prophetic.

    So good! As someone who gave up a high paying corporate career to pursue a much lower paying job for the satisfaction, this really stuck with me. Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you for shaing that Kirk. I really loved it.

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