Can't Wait For The Next-Gen Version Of Call Of Duty: Ghosts? [Updated]

Activision has your back. If you buy the game's PS3 version, you'll be able to upgrade to the PS4 version as soon as it releases 10 days later, at a price of $US10.

In the US, Amazon and Gamestop will be running a similar limited-time deal for the game's Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions. In both console families, these upgrades will also allow you to bring over all "Season Pass Content and (...) in-game progress." Generous!

UPDATE: Activision has just informed us that this deal is also available in Australia, the price to upgrade here is $10 Australian.


    That's great, if you live in the US. Not sure why you would not state this in the title though.

    No citation, no nothing.

    Before I share this with my CoD playing friends: Does this apply to Australia in any way?

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      I'd say so, as Eb games is Australia's gamestop. They'd at least do something the same.

        There's been deals in the past gamestop has run that EB hasn't. So I wouldn't go putting the horse before the cart there.

        They would have mentioned it by now one would think.

    From what I've just seen, the PS3 and PS4 versions are basically the same, even graphically. Not that I would buy it anyway

    How will the upgrade work? Will I have to download the game onto my PS4 through the PlayStation store and still just have the PS3 disk?


    We haven't seen a "Next-Gen" Call of Duty game since COD4:MW was released.

    I will be curious to see if this looks at all any different on PC than the last couple of games.

    I found the games SP became so uneven in graphics. Sometimes it looks good, other times distractingly ugly and out of date looking.

    Nothing i've seen of this, makes it look any different at all. It seems they have maybe just added some new features, but the core engine and fidelity is the same. I look forward to inconsistent texture resolutions and real shitty polygon counts on the environment.. actually, no i don't.

    So how is this going to work? do I change my PS4 pre-order to a PS3 pre-order so I can play the game before PS4 comes out??

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