Below Will Be Timed Exclusive For Xbox One

Capybara Games, the The Sword & Sworcery team, clarified that their upcoming game Below is a timed exclusive: It will appear on the Xbox One first, and "after a period of time", the game will appear on other platforms.

[via MCVUK]


    As will be the case with every single game bar first party ones.


    Good thing I'll be getting a Xbox first then :D

    Awesome news, probably because xbox won't be the most popular console.

    Last edited 10/08/13 7:32 pm

      Yea, this is obviously why

      I just hope the devs that committed to xbox one won't get hurt too badly =S

    In my life I have grown accustomed to crazy ideals like waiting for things.....

    Oh good. Not only was this one of the only xbox exclusives (or so i thought) to interest me, it does seem more like a playstation indie.

      What does that even mean?

      "a more Playstation indie".

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