Check Out Ghost's New Killstreaks, Including One With Call Of Duty Dog

There are over 20 new killstreaks coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts — and, yes, Riley, your trusty attack dog, makes an appearance. And like in a previous Call of Duty game, you can earn also Killstreaks via things other than just kills.

Oh, and — no more deathstreaks, and there are also fewer air-based killstreaks.


    only question worth having answered however is... will it have TRUE dedicated user managed servers?
    If not then nothing else on this game is worth mentioning.

      ^ Nailed it, BlOps 1 = awesome, BlOps 2 = spending hours trying to find a match without 200 ping :(

        What shits me, is specifying i dont want to be matched with anyone with more than 90 ping, and i still end up in games with 300+ pingers... why the hell even have the option if it doesnt bloody work....

        I sit at 40-45 ping, its ruins the entire game when someone who sits at 150-300 gets teh best score purley because he cant be hit.

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