Chinese Store Displays Are The Best

Chinese Store Displays Are The Best

Toothpaste tanks. Slipper birds. Flowers made from bras. Welcome to the world of Chinese retail, where in-store displays can get wonderfully creative.

In the West, there have been a number of impressive soda can displays — and China has seen those, too. But it’s also seen suits of armour made from pots and pans as well as mats and rugs.

Not every hypermarket or grocery store does this kind of displays, but the ones that do are certainly delightful.

One of many toothpaste tanks.

A bicycle made of slippers.

A tissue dress.

A flower bra.

The brown eggs form the heart.

How romantic.

Another tank.

A toothpaste truck.

The slipper fish!


Ready for battle.

A butterfly made from soda cans.

A bear made from…bears.

Towel art.


Bath sponges.

A slipper bird!

A peacock made from, wait for it, toothpaste.

Another peacock, but made from cleaning supplies.

Tanks sure are popular!

High fashion created from seat covers.

Doraemon, a Japanese robotic cat character. Made, of course, from slippers!

Still romantic.

Nice boat.

Ready for battle, ver. 2.0.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a bear!

More towel art.

A bridge.

Not a toothpaste tank.

Another slipper bike.

A giant wheel of…toothpaste.

Attack on sports drinks.

Slipper snails.

A tank made from mats, pillows, and rugs.

A toilet paper dress. How elegant.

Photos: Sina, DDMap, Huojia, Tu, linkshop, TT.Mop via 秒間SUNDAY

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