Chris Roberts' Star Citizen Continues To Draw Crowdfunding...

Chris Roberts' Star Citizen, which pulled in $US2.1 million from its Kickstarter, continues to draw crowdfunding from other sources and has gone past the $US15 million mark as of Aug. 1. That adds another ship to the game's fleet, and another goodie to those donating to the space combat title.


    Currently earning around $50K per day, without any [active] funding drives. With the Hornet Brochure / Variants to be released before Gamescom / the release of the Hangar Module (end of August) and "another" brochure / variant set (likely the Freelancer) to be released before the end of the year / Dogfighting module, expect the millions to just keep on coming. It's no stretch of the imagination to think it could reach $20M by the end of 2013.

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      Holy shit, that's got to be the most expensive indie game ever...

        Seems like it! I wonder if they're at the stage of thinking "man, oh man... what are we going to do with all this money?" Certainly looking forward to this title.

          I think there was an interview a while back (maybe just after the initial $7M campaign, or maybe around the $10M mark) with Chris Roberts and he was saying that the total cost of the game was going to be around $20M, with the balance made up from outside investors but that they haven't (at the time) needed a cent of that outside money.

          Given that funding has so far paid for (among many other things) new offices (they're up to 6 branches now from memory), a motion capture studio, and so on it's just going to keep rolling. Who needs a publisher!?

            And now DoubleFine is looking at the going 'Can we borrow some of your spare...' 'Hey... FUCK OFF.'

              Well, they've currently got the "Shut up and take my money!" hull skin, they should have a "Broken Age skin" funding drive, 50% proceeds to Double Fine. :p

                No, they should send Tim Schaeffer to a 'Cert 2 in Business Economics' course lol

    Those other sources are from pledges to the main site by people like you and me. Last month they pulled in 2 million from the 300i/Aurora promotion. We are witnessing the first ever AAA crowd funded game. There are no private investors or publishes backing this game.

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    He's previously mentioned that to fully realise their end goal, they're going to need to raise $22 Mil. At this rate, I think they are going to make it. I've already kicked in my $250.

    This just isn't an Indie game. It never really was one. It was being made by one of the biggest names in PC gaming history, using a licensed triple A engine. Really what it is, is the world's first crowd funded AAA title.

      i supported because he has balls and alot of common sense. I especially liked the fact that he purposely targetted this game for PC only because it was the only platform capable of playing it

      So gets my money for not developing for the lowest common denominator and forcing us to wait 8 years everytime we want to see a decent physics/graphics jump in our games

    Now all that remains is to draw up some actual progress! This game looks epic and all, but besides a lot of drool-worthy videos, pictures and well campaigned funding - where's the return at this stage?

      There's not expected to be a return/release until late 2014. However, there will be a hangar app later this year so people can check out/customize the ships they have purchased. Then there will be beta access early next year.

      The Star Citizen team is doing quite a good job of updating the community with constant concept art, Wingmans Hangar video updates every couple of weeks answering community questions, talking about features. Also, plenty of interviews with team members ect.

      Personally speaking I think we're getting exactly what we expected and then some. I've been on board since the original funding campaign (~Oct/Nov 2012) and it was clear even then that Late 2014 was the earliest it would be "ready"

      Since then we've had pages upon pages of documentation explaining the game mechanics, engine, whole volumes on the in-universe fiction, commercials, developer diaries, a weekly podcast (@omega_man - Wingman's Hangar is weekly, Saturday 2AM AEST) and the first release of the hangar module alpha is coming in less than 3 weeks (Aug 24 @ Gamescom) ... the list just keeps going and going.

      I've backed a significant number of other game projects, some big, some small, but Star Citizen absolutely blows away every other project in terms of frequency and quality of ongoing information. Return? Met: Significantly.

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    I backed Elite Dangerous for rose coloured induced C64 memories though I might jump on this one as well

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